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Hare Krishna!


I had bought a laddu gopal when I was 11 and said I will take care of him since he is a baby. So I gave him chocolates, cookies, cakes, fruit flavored yogurt etc. I thought he was simply a cute baby and took care of him like one. after sometime I felt that when I go to school, he must be feeling very lonely considering he has no friends 😂. so I bought a bal radha rani for him too.

Now, after reading a few books by Srila Prabhupad, I realise that deity service is actually full of rules and regulations but I can't do all of that right now and I am very attached to both my deities and really can't let them go. I have promised them that when I grow older I will take nice care of them but I hope I didn't do any offence to them.

Hare Krishna!


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  • beautiful deities!!!

    • right Mata Ji? My Kanha is always in his langot in the summer because otherwise I fear he will get loo and radha is always wearing a frock! sometimes they get shringar also... On previous janmashtami they looked like this9760671301?profile=RESIZE_930x

      • Very nice, heheh that is ur bhava and prema so cute.

        • do you really feel he will get loo too often so you keep in langot?

          where from did you get this ideas and bhavas? do any of ur family members also do krishna bhakti?


          • Hare Krishna Mata ji!

            Mata Ji actually once I had taken kanha radha to a drive in the morning and we realised we would have to stop at a store and I can't take kanha radha with me so we left them in the car and when we returned they were both so hot it felt like they got sick. They spent the rest of the day, they were in ac. so now I always feel they will get sick again if kept in complete shringar plus I can't find any clothes of deities which are simply made of soft cotton so that they don't feel uncomfortable.

            Actually my parents are devotees of lord shiva and godess durga, I got attracted to lord krishna because I have always loved his vrindavan lila so soon I started reading more about him so my dadi told me about iskcon and from then on I have been following!

            Hare Krishna!

            • WOW so much bhava that baby krishna and baby radharani would feel hot inside a car. wow really I am feeling so nice reading about ur bhavas. really you are blessed pranavi mata ji. 

              I am surprised these all feeling you are only getting. Nice and I will tell you cotton clothes even I am planning to purchase recently I saw that  so I am thinking to buy ya, night time this shringar will surely pain him, if possible we can change him to night dress like cotton clothes are available i saw wait lemme post the


              yes, even I felt this too that is why I searched online to find night dress for krishna and radha.  

              If your parent allow buy them its not so much costly.  I am so happy reading your bhava

              Simple Night Dress for Radha Krishna Deities
              Simple outfits for Radha Krishna Dieties available in many sizes and colors. These are suitable for simple day wear or for use as a night dress. Deit…
              • Hare Krishna Mata ji!

                THANK YOU SO MUCH! these dresses are really pretty! But mata ji please don't make me even more egoistic by glorifying me when all that glorification is so false! I don't deserve any of it... I'm not as great as you think I am... I'm really attracted to materialistic stuffs.... so if you glorify me like this then I won't even get rid of my attraction toward materialistic stuffs since I will feel that I'm a good devotee

                Hare Krishna!

  • Hare Krishna Mata ji,

    No offence, dont worry. Lord Krishna loves only love and care. He sees no rituals and practices. If you do it is well and good. But if you are little kid yourself. He loves the way you take care. DON"t  HAVE EVEN ONE INCH DOUBT ON THIS. PLEASE KEEP SERVING HIM JUST AS THE WAY You do everyday.

     I will tell you a katha on this. Which happened in real

    There is  Srirangam temple in South India, One time It was attacked by moghal ruler and the they tried to break the in to the temple. and stole the deity but somehow the priest managed to save the main deity but the small deity which was also very important one it was stolen by them and that they took it back to Delhi it was Sri Ranganatha swamy temple's main utsavar vigraha.  The soldiers presented it to the king and foolishly thinking they destroyed the temple and the main deity is also gone.  The started to celebrate that event. Then all of a sudden the king's little princess came there she was like you very young maybe 11 or 10 yr old she said, I want this as my doll. The King felt even more happy thinking his daughter will play with the hindu god and they laughed and gave this temple deity to her for playing.

    Now the girl she really thought it was a doll only and did make up to it, drapped in silk garments, fed it with all types of royal foods, daily her duty was only to play with the deity of Lord Sriman Narayana, and  what she did was bath the deity, apply makeup, put silk garments, feed the deity three times giving him milk and dry fruits and even one day something got into her head that she should get married to the doll and even married in play play. nikhah nikah nikah she got married. :-)

    Now here the temple priest was worried how to rescue back this utsav vigraha and they all planned to go as dance troop and dance in front of the temple palace and as vaishnavas we are against fight but we can do something like this so they all preists went there in disguise and danced very nicely with music , the moghal king sultan liked so much that he asked whatever you people ask I shall give you. The preists in disguise said we just want the temple deity back., as the temple without the utsavar vigrah is not looking good.  King called in the princess and asked her to fetch the doll and give it to them. But the princess was adamant, she said the deity is now my husband i wont give at all. Then the king said okay give a week's time i will make a replica of that and give you people.

    The priests said no no we need our own sriranganatha swami. Then king said okay granted and tried a lot to get it from the princess but it was not possible, so when the princess slept at night they removed the diety and gave it off to the priests who were waiting outside the palace. Sense her doll is gone, princess gets up from bed and ran down after the priests following them all the way to and behind her whole troop of king was following. She ran so much that she collapsed and died they say. And the to the amazement when she collapsed, the preists saw Lord Sri ranaganatha swami marrying her. and taking her back to the abode. She is Bibi Nanchari. 
    She is wife of Sri Venkateshwara swami. She is accepted by Lord as His wife. 

    Now the muslim princess didn't know any shastras, nor she did any ritual in a perfect way. What I want to tell thru this story is Lord doesn't see anything STRICTLY ANYTHING if you have LOVE that is a biggest qualification to get Krishna's attention and prema.  

    If you know ritualistic bhakti and offering bhog properly it is great,  but it is not required if you have Love and offer Lord anything with Love he accepts it. NEVER DOUBT. IF you doubt ur bhakti then you will be scared to go ahead in prema. You are doing good don't worry at all.

    Once you feel this I am humanizing Lord I am doing this that..this doubt once creeps in then there will be only fear and no love. So just remove the fear.

    People do bhakti out of fear when they expect something from Lord some favor back in return. LIKE want moksha they fear OH Narayana who creates fear in his enemies. If You think He is o  h  My god so big One...over then u cannot love him anymore. You will just create distances and Lord doesn't like that much.

    In love you don't ask anything

    See look in the story above the child princess was playing with the doll married it and doing daily decorations to the deity .. she didnt ask anything like oh God protect me., or Oh lord I am fearing death, Or Oh lord I want to go to goloka. She didn't ask anything she just was happy enjoying her love sharing it with the deity. That is what is love is.

    If you have this kinda of love then don't dont dont go to rituals and spoil it. You already are having Bhava bhakti since very young age. Please continue that. you can start chanting or do learn some procedures but I am feeling you must do what you liked to do. Lord loves it that way. Too much learning makes everything fake. simple devotee only Lord gets attracted to.

    See, those who dont have any bhava in them they should start with ritual bhakti daily do diety worship so that they slowly form connection to the diety and feel posessive about it slowly make bonds and attachment with the deity. This is not in ur case as you are already have fromed relationship with Lord. You are all done. If you learn correct principles of doing bhakti also is fine. if not also is fine.

    Don't have doubts at all the momment u got this doubt you went 10 steps back in bhakti. thats all I can say.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Ma'm does Pranavi ma'm need to get prana pratishtha done in the idols? Otherwise what's the difference between worshipping a stone and worshipping a murti. The murti the princess got from the temple probably had prana pratishtha already done in it.

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