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Hare krishna dandavat pranam mathajis and prabhujis

please accept my humble obesiances

Actually my friend had a doubt and asked me to clarify in iskcon desire tree he completed his btech recently and also he was working in a software company after 3to 4 years he wants to marry and after that he wants to leave his job and he and his wife supposed to be married will be fully dedicating to temple surrendering to higher authorities over it possible to leave all material possessions and serve after marriage also and who will take care of their livelihood and how about the child they are going to concieve whether there are any gurukuls to admit and there are any farm communities supporting this kind of systems, these are all the questions he wanted me to ask in this group i request all the devotees to share their valuable views over here.

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Hare KRsna prabhuji,


PLease tell your friend the following:

Ideal situation is - one is either a full time brahmacari doing various services in the temple and staying in the temple, or one is a grihasta, staying outside the temple, earning and supporting the temple with donations and services. The middle path is typically a dangerous one - where one apparently leaves job and wants to serve temple full time with wife...they usually end up making the temple their place of work and making money. Any temple will get donations to run the temple. Would it be fair to expect the temple to give that donation money as salary or some other way to support the devotee couple? How many people would want to give charity to a temple which is supporting young, able bodied, professionally qualified grihastas?

Better to earn and marry, raise a Krsna Conscious family, preach and do various services as per capacity. Still the challenge of raising Krsna Conscious children will be there. There are gurukuls in Vrindavan, Mayapur (that I am aware of ), still it is advisable to be present in these dhams when the child is studying there. Other grihasta couples I know do home schooling for their kids. SOme send them to regular schools and teach them scriptures and values at home. Its what is suited to individual circumstances and capacities.

Your question is very very open ended. Where is he located? What is his qualification? It would be best if he avails personal counselling from his shiksha guru/ spiritual superior.


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Hare Krishna

Good question. :) Indeed who do not wish to have such an ideal Grihastha life!

My personal suggestion:

There are some practical problems in sequence so he needs to address them first.

1) Should not leave a job.

2) Before joining any temple community, stay outside and keep regular attendance at a local temple. Have good relation with inner circle and try to find out possibilities for what you are willing. It's not that what you wish will be given to you so keep this in mind.

3) At present, he can't judge anything about the willingness of his wife whether she willing to join his wish. You also need to confirm possibilities about Grihastha in a temple at the stage of point 2. He can't just leave everything and marry then NO JOB and in case NO Temple then how to maintain? So, He must be properly guided instead of directly jumping by leaving job etc.

4) I have seen many devotee struggling with same vision of dedication. So my personal advice is, never leave job, get marry and regularly visite temple and be part of spiritual activities from nearby rented house and so...

In case of no prior experience of living inside temple as full time devotee and in that also with newly married wife will be most toughest austerity. All may not be lucky to have what you willing as Grihastha life inside temple.

Not to discourage by saying this but be practical is the only advice.

Hare Krishna.

Hare Krishna

1. Marry first and then see what the partner says. Don't jump to conclusions before marriage. The partner may not agree with your proposals.

2. The Temples are always looking for donations and so don't expect any Temple to support you for long.

3. It's best to live in your own home, work full-time, and do some service at a Temple near you whenever you have time.



Yes Prabhuji!!!! Agree with your advice.  Sainikhil Prbahuji kindly go through with practical not like emotional.

PERFECT Q, Perfect answers jay vhon'ashram-daema


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