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  • jai shri krishna

    dearest Krishna preyasi (one who loves krishna)

    Crying may have many reason. Can u tell, by thinking or lacking what u start crying. If u feel the hunger for Krishna and cry in her fantacy then its fine. U are worshipable. Othewise tell me the thought ?


  • chant chant chant mahamantra... As much as u can... And defeat this enemy so called 'anger'
  • hare krishna prabhu ji .....its ok no problem , u r not at all a bad person ....i just read and felt as u r saying to me ....i thot at that prabhu ji place ....hare krishna be happy ...always ....god bless u ....
  • hare krishna prabhu ji ..... aisa mat kahiye "kindly stay away from me "...we should never be apart from each other ....our prime motto is association with devoteess.....everyone expressed views ....we shoud respect all happy kajal mataji ....dat ur eyes filled always ven u express ur love for our dearmost krishna in ur service always ..n be happy .....hare krishna hare rama
  • haribol all devotees thnkss 4 ur wonderful answers..
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    HareKrishna, Kajal


    haribol dr devotees..may krsna bestow his mercy on u all n Lord Narshimha deva eliminates all obstacles lying in the path of going Back to Godhead.well thnkss soo much 4 ur unable 2 attend any sankirtan movement as my parents r absolutely against krsna consciousness due 2 their ignorance..i chant my mala itslf when they sleeping..!!watching ur responses again i started crying..i dont hav a spritual bona fide master am not a member of iskon..only perhaps krsna n me knw wat relationshp we share because wen i tlk abt such things 2 materialistic persons they will believe me 2 b mom itslf claim me 2 b crazy n am proud 2 say am crazy 4 krna and nt atleast attached 2 people as they r..krsna is my everything,my conjugal love,my ever best frnd..whn i hav a prblm i dnt really need some1 2 console me..the teachings of my Dr KRsna in Gita suffices 2 made \up my mood..b it whr i am inthe wrld ..perhaps the most deplorable one..i only need the association n love of krsna..the material comforts keeps no value 4 me..i still remember going 2 a concert wiv my cousins n even a movie i was their physically but mentally my mind fixed up on krsna..n a comedy film desrves to laugh @ but i thinking how much krsna reciprocates i was crying..Gauranga..may u all hav the blessings of the Golden Chaitanya mahaprabhu and his associates


    You reminded me my past when i was just 10 or 12 and doing YOGA for fun. But after some time i started reading spiritual books and following them. As i did this, parents starting bombarding on me for doing all these things at this age. I WAS CRYING TOO. Because, i wanted to follow it seriously. It was natural for me to do. No one was forcing me to follow spirituality. But as i did not have any one to guide, was confused and put in to condition where i CANT STOP and CANT FOLLOW. Used to feel that when will i get freedom to follow my spiritual path. It always made me cry when, "i preach with my friends at school or teach them any bhajan or chant the holy name or listen 2 any bhajan or view any deity..i start crying and it all comes automatically...????" It might be different in your case but what i feel, you are not trying to say that you are a pure devotee or even not telling CRYING as a systems of pure love for Krishna. You just put your feelings in front of us and sharing it. That's it.


    But you know, i did not have a big group of devotees to guide or to put forward my feelings but by Krishna's mercy you are having.


    Some time, someone consider you to be "neophyte and not at an advanced level" but who are we to JUGE ? The person might have followed spiritual path for 40 yrs in his/her past life and that's why very advanced in this life from very beginning. So, we are proved wrong here with our narrow mind and limitations.


    Before giving any advice it is better to PUT OUR LEG IN TO OTHERS SHOSE so that we can feel their pain and condition. Unless you do so, how can we speak or advice? It will be just mantel speculation or even DISCOURAGING someone for their hard struggle to END THEIR ETERNAL SPIRITUAL QUEST.


    Kajal, you just need a practical guidance from lady devotees and i think there are many Matajis here on IDT to help you.


    NO NEED TO CRY ANY MORE ... Your eternal friend and companion Krishna is with you. He never left you alone for a single second since you exit.


    Just be careful in following RULES and REGULATIONS. Best is to keep very minimum standard to follow when parents are against.


    Remembering Lord in mind, chanting on fingers instead of JAPA MALA, NO tilaka (if you like use only water to do so), NO kanthi mala in neck as it makes parents always angry and also give chance to relatives to criticize your activities (this is very bad as parents never tolerate and will force you to STOP everything), try your best to read online whenever you get time and more over, if you are studding than it must be done nicely. If you are not following your material duties properly than same mentality will be there in spiritual life too.


    Keep on going step by step, slow and steady win the race ...


    Wish you all the best and pray for your good health and bright spiritual future.



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    I reacted because I was the only one who answered in the discussion in the negative, saying clearly that it is not Krishna Prema.

    Prakash Prabhu, I am sincerely sorry that I have offended you and Please forgive me. Wish you success in your path back to Godhead.

    Hare Krishna

  • hare krishna all mataji and prabhuji..
    a krishna devotee and iskcon member is my friend..

    she was like kajal mataji... not an iskcon member.. but a iskcon devotee intetionally made her join iskcon after noticing her love for krishna.. and at same iskcon center guruji offered her intiatiion out of many iskcon devotee lived there and serving iskcon... they all shocked... but Guru maharaj saw her love for krishna and iskcon.. even atleast she was not chanting mahamantra regularly .... but sometimes..

    i talked with her and i too felt that witho
    ut chanting she have got pure love for Krishna.. i was athiest and she suggested me chanting for feel krishna consciousness and it really worked..

    its really maya of Lord that we r trying to decide who devotee at what level of krishna conscuiousness. It really hurts me.. Sorry devotees... Please pray for my ignorance.. Pray for me that i cud get time for chanting mahamantra...

    hey prabhu please take us all beyond maya that we descuss ur pastime rather than measuring levels of each other..

    pray for me all mataji and prabhuji..
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      I am not measuring anyone. When someone asks me, based on my own experience, of what a senior devotee advised me, I am saying what was told to me.

      Rajnish Prabhu, kindly forgive me if I offended you or Kajal mataji or any other devotees.


      Hare Krishna

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