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I want to take your views, reviews and feedbacks on consuming Cow Urine ( GoMutra, GoArk ) available in Iskcon. I have recently got a bottle of same and want to start consuming it. But just thought of taking your views on same. Is it safe for normal human consumption? Are there any do’s and don’t’s for it? Any particular brand is recommended? Any benefits which you can share from personal experiences of consuming it will be very helpful. Thanks a lot in advance.


Apart from Cow Urine, please share any other cow product which you think is a must use.

Your servant,



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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    No doubt, it is very beneficial to health. I have never had gomutra directly, though I have had hidden in temple panchamrta after abhishek. Yes, any abhishek of deities, the ingredients include cow urine. It is considered so pure.


    All dos and donts would be mentioned on the pack. Not aware of any brand - we buy from teh temple shop only. Atleast in the shop in ISKCON Tirupati, I have seen that the list of benefits is mentioned very long.



    Your servant,



    • Thanks a lot Mataji for your valuable time and comments.

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