Siddaramaiah's first move

Lifts ban on cow slaughter

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  • Hare Krsna AGTSP
    This brings us to the basics of Bhagavad Gita. A great devotee like Arjuna was also under the misconception that by refraining from fighting he would be saving many lives.
    Krsna doesn't approve of such non violence because he cares about the sum total of living entities and not just a few.
    This machinery of killing(slaughter houses,Dens of Kali) is not approved by the Vedas.
    Eventually they must be destroyed.
  • Hare  Krsna To all,

    Another bad news


  • We have been told to avoid meat eating as one of the regulative principles but that hasn't saved poor animals from slaughter in slaughter houses and it doesn't look like it is going to stop unless we destroy these Dens of Kali.
    • Volunteer

      my humble obeisances Prabhuji, i meant we ourselves stopped non veg and saved many lives in this way. If we preach to more people they will also stop that and will save many lives.

      Your servant,

  • Volunteer


    by just sitting and criticizing people we won't be able to protect any cow, please believe me!

    if they want to kill we have to try to protect cows by helping those who are doing such seva already. There are two ways of protecting cows:

    1. Preaching in any ways- by distributing books, helping for book printing, by personal preaching, by supporting those who are preaching, by distributing Prasadam ...in this way if we make at least one person to accept Krishna Consciousness firstly he or she herself or himself will stop eating meat and save at least life of 9-10 cows and also preach and make others Devotee.

    2. Secondly on the place of using karmi soaps, shampoos, washing powders...let's use cow products please!!!!!!! In this way we will support those cows and they will live long life peacefully.

    In the place alopathic medicine we can use pure cow urine, ghee, dung ...for many sicknesses. It says that pure cow ghee stayed for hundred years if eaten and applied can cure the cancer any type of cancer.

    So please do these steps and less criticism but action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I personally for almost a year do not drinking any medicine but only cow products, because cow products prevent from sickness so i am not getting sick, thanking Krishna and cows! :D

     Your servant, 

  • these people are hypocrites,rascals now i just hate congress.

  • Volunteer

    well this is to be expected. Beef export is a very profitable industry, and when greedy shudras becomes rulers they don't know right from wrong. 

    SIgh... But to each his or her own fruits of reaction. I'm just going to say I really really really really feel bad for this fellow after he dies. The sins accumulated from this sinful act will be largely shared by this ignorant fellow. But the government of India (not sure if it's central or a state govt) a few years ago refused to accept that Rama made that sethu and they proceeded to fund that billion dollar project or something that could destroy the bridge.

    India, in it's folly to catch up to the West, is certainly ruining herself. Poor Bharata mata ... she must be crying because of all these sinful activities

    • Volunteer

      Karunanidhi of DMK as well as Congress have no objection to Sethu Samudram ,

      they have decided to demolish it .

      • Volunteer

        he is another fool. I don't mind that he is atheist, but his comments are just plain stupid... he went as far as to say that Valmiki describes Rama as being a drunkard...

        Sigh, but these fools have nothing better to do than fill their pockets. It's sick and disgusting, but India was never really India after all those invasions and imperialism... 

        • Volunteer

          Yes they surrender to Sai Baba , who recently died or To OSHO philosophy .

          Political leaders are just playing for material thing's .

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