Cow Protection.

Hare Krishna! Having served in cow protection since 5 yrs, I have realised that ,without cows,there is no vedic culture!No ghee for sacrifices,no milk,no curd,no urine,no dung.....and already other substances are being used for yagnas!

As for pure food,the cow gives precious dung and urine for zero budget agriculture,and so we can become wealthy,healthy and wise,by having cows nearby!No need of expensive chemical fertilisers or pesticides: the cow gives us all that.

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  • But cows are not wholly protected in this world. They are mercilessly tortured while being raised on dairy farms for milk products....slaughtered to feed the multitude of meat hungry denizens of mudha society....It is sad that the mindset of these carnivores are such that they do not feel any mercy at all  in subjecting this wonderful creature, the holy cow to so much suffering.

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     wealthy,healthy and wise,by having cows nearby

    Priceless hahaha

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