Hare Krishna to all,

           Most people are not fortunate enough to live in the company of devotees and in places like Vrindavan. Especially in India, people tend to live in places where they were born for a major period of their life unless they move away for work and businesses to other places. So naturally, some people have friends/neighbors who are so keen to eat meat. I haven't studied Vedas or Major scriptures and all i can quote to defend my position against meat eating is that its prohibited in Vedas and our religion. The discussion is fierce these days as Cow slaughter and slaughter houses themselves are being regulated.

          I just hoped if some Scholars and readers of Scriptures could quote the sources, verses and cantos where it is written that killing or eating of cow is a great sin and the reason why its so? Such discussion could help less knowledgeable people like me to bring awareness to others about cow protection and the need to quit meat eating.

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              • E-Counselor

                Dean prabhuji is explaining very nicely to you. Try to understand without getting agitated.

                Do you think God is mad to give us hell for killing mosquitoes, the same ones whihc will give us disease if we dont kill them?

                Now suppose for a moment that what you are saying is correct - you will get disease if you dont kill mosquitoes. How many can you kill anyways? Still they are there na. Secondly, is it that everytime a mosquito bites, it results in malaria or dengue? No na - then what is the determining factor on when it will result in disease and when it will not. Physical health to a certain extent, as well as spiritual health - as explained by Dean Prabhu. 

                If we do not kill mosquitoes in the house, we can always sleep within the mosquito nets. During non sleep hours, we can keep mosquito repellants around us - it could be dhuni, agarbatti, coil, whatever else.... No need to kill. 

                As far as spiders are concerned, the cobwebs and spiders can be removed and the area cleaned at the same time. Again, No need to kill.

                Please try to understand. YOu are on the spiritual path - killing of any jiva is not beneficial to your spiritual health.

                • I m not agitated!!!!

                  I have just put the reality above which is common to every human beings living on earth.. 

                  And by the way, doing dhuni, agarbatti,coiling and others some type of methods kill insects very easily. Ya,it's true these methods at a certain level help to remove insects from the house but at the same time, these methods kill them too.

                  So,this is the reality,which we all guys have to accept..Still iff someone thinks that by doing dhuni, agarbatti,coiling only remove insects from the house but do not kill insects,then,sorry to say, those guys are not living in reality,they are ignorant.

                  we all have to understand that we are killing these insects in our home or in our society not bcoz we are habitual to or some kind of dislike to these insects but.......

                  we're killing only bcoz of the security purpose,i.e.,our family should not be diseased in any ways.

                  not only family,but also the guests or any respected people who come in our society or in our home,so do we wish that these insects bite our guests ? no…

                  in our indian culture, it's very said Atithi Devo Bhava i.e,'The guest is equivalent to God' ,so do we wish that our God is bited by these some insects ?, so what if God has created those insects.Our intentions are not wrong.Our intentions are right.We all guys prefers first security than others thing.Security is not to ourselves only but for others too who come in our society,school,college,temple,etc.

                  That's all & I hope everyone got it for what I am trying to understand !!!!!!!

          • The only truth is that  uncontrolled mind is the only enemy of the living being, therefore no one else should be blaimed for ones own destiny.

            If the very little kid unknowingly take the real gun and shoot someone, he do not deserve death sentence because of that. Similar to that, mosquitos do not know they causing the pain to someone, therefore they do not deserve to be killed.

            Anyway, all whats created  are exclusively created for the Lords pleasure and satisfaction.

            • i couldn't get it...

              what i m saying is that 

              If we do not kill mosquitoes and spiders in our home,then they will make us diseased, so it's better to kill them undoubtedly...so my question is same

              why should not we kill them irrespective of whatever class or caste we belong

              and also irrespective of whatever hell the God will provide us in punishment for killing them  ? 

              The irony is that If we do not kill mosquitoes and spiders in our home,then we are already in hell in form of various diseases occuring due to them on earth.

              So, we are in hell on the both sides either we kill them or not.

              • The disease doesn't come because of animals, but because of bad karma. Such bad karma can be easily neutralised by a drop of a faith in a Lord.

                • I again couldn't get it ...what are you trying to understand  ???

                  what I m focusing that if we don't kill mosquitoes and spiders not only in home but also anywhere we live in the world ,then we are in hell already bcoz these insects will bite us and will cause serious infections and ultimately we'll be diseased,i.e.we'll be suffered by different -different kinds of diseases which is risky for the health. for example : dengu

                  So,it's better to kill these insects undoubtedly...

                  But,the irony is that if we kill them,then Lord will put us into hell known as Andhakūpa.....So

                  this is really ridiculous and senseless from my point of view bcoz whether we kill them or not, on both sides WE ARE IN HELL

                  • Neither hell nor paradise are real, because  enjoying or suffering comes from wrong identification.

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