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           Most people are not fortunate enough to live in the company of devotees and in places like Vrindavan. Especially in India, people tend to live in places where they were born for a major period of their life unless they move away for work and businesses to other places. So naturally, some people have friends/neighbors who are so keen to eat meat. I haven't studied Vedas or Major scriptures and all i can quote to defend my position against meat eating is that its prohibited in Vedas and our religion. The discussion is fierce these days as Cow slaughter and slaughter houses themselves are being regulated.

          I just hoped if some Scholars and readers of Scriptures could quote the sources, verses and cantos where it is written that killing or eating of cow is a great sin and the reason why its so? Such discussion could help less knowledgeable people like me to bring awareness to others about cow protection and the need to quit meat eating.

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    There is a whatsapp forward which is floating around - regarding how it is more beneficial to keep cows alive even when they stop giving milk. I am sure you would receive it if you are part of any group. I have got it 5-7 times already.

    Regarding defending your position, you can say that since scriptures mention cow as one of the mothers, we should not kill her. Killing a cow means - the number of hairs on the body of the cow, taht many births a person has to take and be killed. 

    Ohh - when I was writing this post, some whatsapp message has come which states that killing of cow is prohibited in christianity, islam, buddhism, vedic religion and science religion. I dont have patience to type out everything. Give me your number. I will forward to you on whataspp.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krishna Mataji,

                              Kindly forward the message to 07906219311. Thanks.

  • SB 9.2.3Among these sons, Pṛṣadhra, following the order of his spiritual master, was engaged as a protector of cows. He would stand all night with a sword to give the cows protection.


    SB 9.2.4Once at night, while it was raining, a tiger entered the land of the cowshed. Upon seeing the tiger, all the cows, who were lying down, got up in fear and scattered here and there on the land.
    SB 9.2.5-6When the very strong tiger seized the cow, the cow screamed in distress and fear, and Pṛṣadhra, hearing the screaming, immediately followed the sound. He took up his sword, but because the stars were covered by clouds, he mistook the cow for the tiger and mistakenly cut off the cows’ head with great force.
    SB 9.2.7Because the tiger’s ear had been cut by the edge of the sword, the tiger was very afraid, and it fled from that place, while bleeding on the street.
    SB 9.2.8In the morning, when Pṛṣadhra, who was quite able to subdue his enemy, saw that he had killed the cow although at night he thought he had killed the tiger, he was very unhappy.
    SB 9.2.9Although Pṛṣadhra had committed the sin unknowingly, his family priest, Vasiṣṭha, cursed him, saying, “In your next life you shall not be able to become a kṣatriya. Instead, you shall take birth as a śūdra because of killing the cow.”
    • Thank You prabhuji for your knowledge enhancing reply. But after reading SB 9.2 it appears that the family priest cursed Prsadhra because he could not serve his duty as a cow protector which He was assigned. The family priest out of ignorance and anger cursed him to be born as a shudra in the next birth. However Prsadhra later choose to go for Brahmacharya, did Mystic yoga, got control over his senses and could go back to Godhead after relinquishing his body in blazing forest fire.

      The above explanation does not give a strong reason why cow killing is such a grave sin. I wished there could be explanation from Vedas themselves.

      • Your interpretation why Sri Vasistha cursed him doesn't follow SB 9.2.9 :

        '' Although Pṛṣadhra had committed the sin unknowingly, his family priest, Vasiṣṭha, cursed him...''

        One need to understand that for twice born ones (Brahmanas, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas) its a sin killing a cow, but in the society of  shudras and outcaste ones such sinful practice is common. That's why Vasishta muni cursed ksatriya Prishadrhra to become shudra, because he was behaving like a shudra.


        For twise born ones its a sinn even to kill flies and mosquitos, then what to talk about cows :


        SB 5.26.17By the arrangement of the Supreme Lord, low-grade living beings like bugs and mosquitoes suck the blood of human beings and other animals. Such insignificant creatures are unaware that their bites are painful to the human being. However, first-class human beings — brāhmaṇas, kṣatriyas and vaiśyas — are developed in consciousness, and therefore they know how painful it is to be killed. A human being endowed with knowledge certainly commits sin if he kills or torments insignificant creatures, who have no discrimination. The Supreme Lord punishes such a man by putting him into the hell known as Andhakūpa, where he is attacked by all the birds and beasts, reptiles, mosquitoes, lice, worms, flies, and any other creatures he tormented during his life. They attack him from all sides, robbing him of the pleasure of sleep. Unable to rest, he constantly wanders about in the darkness. Thus in Andhakūpa his suffering is just like that of a creature in the lower species.


        • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

                            Thank a lot for taking the time out and clearing my doubt. This answer does satisfy me.

        • What is the purpose of GOD behind creating scorpions,spiders,mosquitos,snakes,etc ???

          these low-grade living beings are killed very openly in todays' world only bcoz these living beings are dangerous to the lives of human. 

          For example : spiders and mosquitos are very common to home.

          Why should not we kill them irrespective of whatever class or caste we belong ???

          If we do not kill spiders or mosquitos, then our family will always be surrounded by different-2 kinds of diseases only bcoz of following the principles mentioned in our scriptures. 

          • E-Counselor

            Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


            All souls are in different bodies, as per their karma and desires. Pls remember that at some point of time or the other, you and I were also in cockroach, lizard, scorpion, snake body. 

            Unless there is a danger to our life, there is no need to kill any of the above, simply because we can see one in our vicinity.

            Everytime you see one of them, please remember that they are soul in that body and try not to harm them. You can remove them from your house or room without being violent, I am sure.

            For mosquitoes and spiders, why hate them or try to kill them? To the extent possible, we should keep our environment clean so that these living beings are not there. If they are still there, try some natural ways of keeping yourself safe.

            How can we develop love for God if we hate or want to kill His sons, in which ever body they are in. A devotee is a friend to all living entities.


            Your servant,

            Radha Rasamayi DD

            • Our home is simple,not luxurious.

              We've adopted so many natural ways but even after it is very difficult to get out spiders and mosquitoes from the house.So.....

              the last and final solution,which seems very clearly is to kill them undoubtedly with no mercy.

              These insects are not like mouse . Mouse also come in our home, and we use prison for capturing him and then leaving him in some field.

              But these are dangerous insects whose nature is BITE and cause several type of diseases which sometimes become the cause of death,

              So,what i think is that,we should be practical.

              Showing mercy on them will not change their nature.Their nature would always be same,i.e, TO BITE 

              • Dear VJ Singh Ji,

                                       I understand your concern but believe me, if you were to catch a disease, you will, irrespective of most precautions. One of my colleague caught dengue fever despite all precautions because you never know when, you are outside, a mosquito may bite you.

                Spiders do not harm us so it’s best to clean spider webs from time to time without killing them. I used to suffer disturbance caused by Honeybees and other insects in night attracted by light in my house. However, i never killed them because they used to die themselves in the morning. I just have to sweep out the dead insects/bees from my house.

                Mosquitoes have a longer life span (40 days Female, 10 days male) and are really irritable even if they would cause no disease. Burning Camphor will drive away mosquitoes, placing mint or peppermint will drive away mosquitoes, Lavender oil which smells so good and helps in good sleep is disliked by mosquitoes. Its best to keep doors n windows closed to avoid entry of mosquitoes. Also if you have wire mesh doors, mosquitoes won’t enter house easily.

                There are always ways if you don’t wish to kill them. You should decide yourself if you should choose to try repellent methods or just kill them.

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