Cow dung uses

Hare Krsna, 


Please accept my humble obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!


I would like to learn hw to use cow dung in the temple as much as possible.

What can it be used for?

And how to use it for specific things?

The things I have thought about so far are: cleaning floors, washing dishes, tooth powder, shampoo, etc.

Does anyone have knowledge about these things? 

What else can I use cow dung for in the temple?


Thank you


Your servant

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  • Cow dung cannot be used for cleaning. It is normally used in village where the floor is made of soil. U can use cow dung with water and spread on floor. Now a days it is not used anywhere. Moreover u can use cow dung as fuel, as fertilizer, for biogas production etc. Provided u r staying in village. When cow dung burned it producers Ash that u can use for cleaning utensils. 

    • Yes cow dung comes from cows,cows are the only animals on this planet who enable us to have a truly nonviolent economy,and that is not a small thing,(by how we consume is how we form our caracter) so in that sense anything which comes from the cow is purifing.Unfortunatly our lifes are complicated so is our  conecction  to Mother cow and father Bull.Live simply so others can simply live.


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