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    Jai Acharyas

    Prabhu jis and Mata jis!

    As far as plants are concerned there are these factors:

    1) One living being's body is food for other. And scriptures prescribe vegetables. So, we are lawfully eating. But remember this will help in mode of goodness and passion, not liberation. you will live a healthy long life but you cannot go Back to Godhead.

    2) Our teeth are designed to eat vegetarian food.

    3) Plants do not resist so we get less sins. Animals cry before slaughtering, try to escape. So, physically and mentally, it is good to never eat meat, eggs, fishes.


    I hope someday I would be able to make it for Lord.

    Remember Hitler, pigeons, rabbits, monkeys(pseudo-sannyasi behaviour) are also vegetarians.

    Vegetarianism without devotion may lead to elevation within this world, not beyond.

    No quarrel

    Go Veggie

    Vegetarians are more peaceful and happy

    No credit to vegans unless they are devotees


  • siddhartha prabhuji whether it is flesh eater or man eater it is condemned in our scriptures to eat flesh for belly feeding is d greatest sin. god has his arrangement which one has to follow.

  • lord krishna has provided us so many nice vegetarian foods . which one can eat and maintain his life. killing animals for sense enjoyment or for belly feeding is d greatest sin. we r seeing that people are so much ignorant that they don't even know what to eat and what to forbidden. but what we eat whether it is vegetarian without offering to lord krishna is also a sin . it is clearly stated in the bhagavad gita. one should eat food that has been offered to lord krishna. 

    hare krishna

    krishna's servant .

  • As per Srimad bhagavatam, One living entity subsists on other living entity for food.

    vegetarianism and non vegetarianism is western concept and not Vedic concept.

    Krsna in Bhagawad geetha classifies and defines foods in 3 categories - food in mode of goodness, passion and ignorance...BG 17.8/9/10.

    Mostly vegetarian foods fall under mode of goodness.

    Some vegetarian foods like onion, garlic are classified in mode of passion. Also pungent, very hot, too salty, spicy foods come in this category. (onion and garlic are in mode of passion as they are pungent. some also classify it in mode of ignorance based on the history of their origin).

    Few vegetarian foods and all Nonvegetarian comes in mode of ignorance.

    (See the gita verses for the actual definition)


    Devotees offer krsna saatwik food and accept the remnants as Prasad. The Prasad is transcendental to all the 3 modes.




    • Volunteer

      vegetarianism and non vegetarianism is western concept and not Vedic concept.

      oh yes, i never thought of it. It is indeed true.

      Your servant,  

  • Hare Krishna..

    Even i had similar doubt in my mind so i asked one of the Vaishnavas.
    What he told me is "Its all about Gunas. while eating should one be careful about what he is eating.
    Its has been proven that we get effected by the food we eat,like if we eat something Satwik(Vegetarian) we recieve Satwik guna from that food,likewise if we eat Non-Veg Food stuff(even onion & garlic comes under this) we will Receive the Rajo/Tamo guna from it.So its depend on what an individual wants to store for himself."

    I am quite satisfied with the answer. :)
    But i am yet to convert myself from a Non-Vegetarian to Vegetarian. :(
    Trying hard..lets see where it takes..

    Hari Bol..:)

  • Yes it also sinfull to eat vegetarian food but plants do not have much developed senses so they suffer less pain as compared to there will be less karmic effect but when we offer food to krishna that effect will also go.
    hare krishna
  • hare krisna mataji

    1>if we cut a tree(perineal) , it wil  grow again , so it can not be considered as sin . again some plant are annual n bineal 

    but when  animal is killed it can not survive again . killing animal for enjoyment is a sin .

    2>evolution of human being indicate  that

                      --our cannine teeth is also no longer sharper as human being of stone age

                      ---lenth of our intestine also becomes longer (its short ,abt 3m for carnivores   like dog  )

    though human being is omnivores but  human being's anatomy tends more towards herbivores (vegiterian diet).

    there is so many delicious vegeterian food in d world , is it really necessary to eat nonveg ? Dont we think animals have also conscience and pain ?

    hope this we can tell 2 a person , who is nt in kC even .

    your wel wishing fnd

    • Volunteer

      yes, only joining Krishna Consciousness i learned how to eat and take pleasure from food :D

      Not fasting Dharma but Feasting.

      Thank You dear Preetismita Mataji!

      Your servant,  

      • pranam mataji

           i m blessed with veg diet b4 i came 2 KC mataji but still unable 2 leave onion n garlic .

        but here i learned of  having PRASAD  not lunch , dinner , breakfast . yet 2 implement .

        thnQ 2 all here 4 sharing , i hv learned a lot .

        hare krisna

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