Controlling Anger

Hare Krishna ,AGTSP ,I am not able to controll my anger ..Especially if someone teases me ..when i do anger people say you read bhagwat gita whta is the use of this ..Krishna did not told top do anger ..Please tell some way to controll on senses when someone gives you pain ..What if i bear pain pain & smile at the one who give me pain ..What if someone abuses me unintterupted ..& abvuses daily on looking at me ..What if people laugh on me ..Please do not mind with these many questions,i see some people around me of that kind ..& now a days my mental health is deteriorating ..That person just want me always loser in every field ..Please tell sloution so that i am always , insulated from these elements ..Hare Krishna ..

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  • I also face the same problem sometimes, when the other person abuses me and always make be responsible for something wrong.

    I will also listen this lecture.


  • Volunteer

    i have also to listen that lecture.

    But there is one more thing one can do that to have boxing instrument or nice strong pillow he he :D

    when one gets angry has to come home and when there is no one just beat box :D he he or pillow.

    It also works in a very extreme situations.

    But to use intelligence and hear lecture is easier.

    Your servant, 

  • Hare krsn prbhuji,
    Ther is a nice lecture on this topic 'overcoming anger' which was given by HG-GAURANG PRBHU in PRERNA FESTIVAL.
    Plz download.
    Plz download this way:
    in ISKCON DESIRE TREE WEBSITE- First go in Audio-in audio download-in download-click on 'click here'-then in iskcon chowpaty-then click on PRERNA- in prerma u will find the name of many devotee- from them plz 'click' on The name of HG-GAURANG PRBHU. There,u can get this lecture 'Overcoming anger'.
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