• The root of Sanathana Dharma relegion is from our Holy Land Bharat Varsh. Our vedic literatures are absolutely scientific applicable for all classes of people(entire mankind) for their spiritual upliftement and has solutions to entire problems of life plaguing the society as a whole. Considering its greatness and the wealth of knowledge ; it should not only be a national book but an international standard holy book of mankind. 

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    There is no problem in saying "Make Gita a National book". But there is a lot of difference a true devotee saying the above statement and a politician saying the above statement. No doubt - mostly a politician saying the above statement is politically motivated - which can be converted into votes in ballot box. But for a true devotee saying the above statement is out of compassion. He wants to remove the suffering of people and hence he wants to make gita a national book.

    Also I am unable to see a single verse in Gita in which Krishna says " Make Gita a National book of India".

    In what way making Gita a national book of India is going to serve Krishna. Krishna is very sad to see his children suffering in the material world. By Making gita a national book of India, if there is a chance that it is going to remove suffering of atleast few souls, then making gita a national book, will make Krishna happy. Hence in such a situation making Gita a national book is meaningfull as we are serving Krishna. Otherwise if there is no way such an activity is not going to serve Krishna it is waste of time.

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      Response to your para 1: There is absolutely no difference between a devotee demanding about BG as national book and a karmi demanding the same as soon as the final purpose of glorification of Gita is achieved. Please refer to BG 3.26. It clearly says "So as not to disrupt the minds of ignorant men attached to the fruitive results of prescribed duties, a learned person should not induce them to stop work. Rather, by working in the spirit of devotion, he should engage them in all sorts of activities [for the gradual development of Kṛṣṇa consciousness]." 

      So even if a politician wanting his/her own profit glorifies gita, he/she is better than a so called devotee who is against the propagation of the message of godhead. If a politican can be engaged in book distribution, then why not. When a person opens up gita even for criticising or finding faults it will help in propagation of the message of gita. When we do book distribution our only aim is to place "BG as it is" in the hands of others and let it do what it does best. The message is very potent pr. Please dont fear that some politician's desire to benefit from it will dilute the message. 

      Response to para 2: I am unable to see a single verse in Gita in which Krsna says "Make Sapan (or Balaji) read Bhagvad Gita". So does it mean that I will or you will stop reading gita from tomorrow.

      So lets try to understand what is Krsna's will in accordance with the parampara. Please refer to BG 18.68. Krsna wants propogation of BG, our entire guru parampara wants propagation. Caitanya Mahaprabhu wants propagation. Making BG national book will hopefully make a few more people understand its value. Atleast rest assured, more people will get interested in seeing whats in it than they currently are. So why not make BG the national book.

      Response to para 3: Krsna will be pleased by the efforts put by the devotees in bringing his knowledge to more and more people. Krsna likes the effort and desire of devotees. As I said before while some political parties may benefit because of this decision but for sure more people will be interested in opening BG and seeing whats inside. Srila Prabhupada in his preface to BG writes: "We hope, therefore, that people will derive the greatest benefit by studying Bhagavad-gītā As It Is as we have presented it here, and if even one man becomes a pure devotee of the Lord, we shall consider our attempt a success."

      In the same way even if all such brouhaha brings a single person to Krsna Consciousness then the whole effort will be successful and not a single second spent on the entire matter will be a waste. 

      Please accept my apologies if any part of my response offended you. Only trying to serve you in my limited capacity.


      • i respect all the religions god but as a krishna vakto must says frnds dont forget he said he is the creator of all god and avatar ever born in the bhagbagita...and he advice in bhgbadgita before 5000 years....when any other religion not born.respect all god but believe only in KRISHNA....HARE KRISHNA

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    A wonderful declaration for the best of all jivas .....its a book of science at the same time the art of living.......GREAT........a time to connect with GREAT.....
    ......Hari bol.
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    The answer is - isnt India a Hindu majority country? Would this question be asked in any Muslim dominated country or in Christian dominated country? Why should we be apologetic about being Hindu and about our rich scriptural heritage. The information given in Gita is timeless and relevant to all mankind. There can be only one national book - like a national flag, a national anthem - thats why.

    • Mataji,

      Wouldn't this be like dominating people saying you are minority and so our book has to be the national book. Then that will be like dictatorship and not democracy. I mean, there are many religions residing in this country.

      I think the answer should be relevant to the book and not to the people and majority. Why this book? What's there in this book which is not there in other books? and How it helps humanity as a whole? etc..



      • Hare krishna prbhu ji,

        People are quarreling about the Gita that it should be national book or not. In fact, this Bhagwad Gita is not only 5000 years ago old but this spiritual knowledge has already been spread out throughout the universe and in the beginning, it was spoken by supreme personality Krishna to Surya Dev (this is already mentioned in Gita that this knowledge is not new eventhough this has already spoken in the start of universe but latter on, it was disappeared from the earth).

        so only for again appearance in the universe, krishna spoken to Arjuna in the battle of Kurukshetra at the 5000 years ago.

        Since the opposition parties are claiming that this is hindu book but this is sanatan dhama and is followed by every person due to we are not body, we are only soul. So, the greatest work is to serve the supreme personality krishna by this soul.

        hare krishna...

      • HK



        Tiger is India's national animal. So does this mean that all other animals are hunted in this country. Or if Ashok stambha is the emblem of India then all other signs are refused and looked down upon.

        So please try to understand that what a national book means. Any thing when deemed as national does not mean that it to the exclusion of everything else or everything contrary. It simply means that the thing deemed as national is representative of the character and residents of the country and what that country values more. It shows that desires of the country and the goal that the country wishes to achieve. Ashok Stambha has "satyamev jayate" inscribed on it and it is symbolic of the faith of the people of this country that "truth alone triumphs".

        Bhagvad Gita - more than any other book represents the national ideal of this country. No other book has been so revered and so so enshrined in this country as BG. Even the psuedo-secularists and apologists of Indian culture revere the book. 

        Bhagvad Gita shows the conflict and solution not only in a philosophical manner but also in historical manner. It shows the deepness and richness of our past. The struggles and triumphs of our forefathers. If there is one country that should pay its gratitude to Bhagvad Gita, its India. Bhagvad Gita dont need India. India needs Bhagvad Gita.


  • "Why only Gita and why not other books like Bible, Quran etc?"   - People are asking this question.

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