consequences of my actions

hare krishna i wanted to know i suffer from demonic possession and the evil spirits makes me do vaishnava apradhas by verbal actions or blasphemy the spirit cheats me  and makes me abuuse it but as i abuse the spirit the spirit brings photos of saints and highly elevated devotees thus i abuse those devotees i dont do these apradhas my self but i am forced by the spirit to do so will i have to face consequences of these actions will i go to hell  i am afraid 

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  • Hare Krishna,

    You could even try staying at the templke whenever possible and do devotional Service there the evil spirits wont bother you there, let me know if it helps

  • Seek the blessings of lord Nityananda Only he can Excuse even Vaishnava Aparadha whichch Chaitanya mahaprabhu cannot.

    Recite his Prayers at Home , Nityanandastakam :

    Also do Harinam Sankirtan at home for long hours everyday ,Else go to the temple and do it

  • thanks prabbhu

    • The uncontrolled mind is the only cheater of the soul. 

      • but prabhu for me its real demon its not my mind i have met psychiatrists but the medicines are not wworking its real possesion i need help

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