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1.A human being can understand what we are, an animal, can't . WHY? both have subtle  mind , intelligence and false ego.

2. How does the brain( meterial ) plays special part ?

3. Our real consciousness is covered by material covering .So in case of animals.Then why such difference in thinking capacity?

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    It is the degree of lust. Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says about 3 types of coverings of consciousness:

    Consciousness covered as like the embrio in the womb.

    Con. covered with dust on the mirror and con. covered as like fire with fuel.

    In this way the strognest lust is in plants, lust as like embriyo covered with the womb.

    Power of mind and intelligence depends on our previous deeds in previous lives. It is as like when we train our muscles everyday in the sport club they get stronger and stronger but when we do not take care of tham after some years muscles will vanish.

    In such way is also mind. When we cultivate and train our mind then it becomes stronger. For example, when we play chess we train our mind. And learning books we train our intelligence...

    Main functions of intelligence are memorizing, recognizing good and bad things, making descions...but if our intelligence is weak we loose such like abilities.

     for example, why karmi people usually when they get old they are like fools? With no clear intelligence? They act as like children...they loose their ability to memorize and even can not recognize their grandshildren...?

    It is because when they were young they did not feed their intelligence but on the contrary soaked it. How? 

    4 regulative principles we follow in ISKCON is only to help us to protect our intelligence. Especially illisit sex destroys intelligence. 


    Again, because of our sins we get less intelligent brain. For example, it says that if one is a sinner he will take birth in the hell and suffer there for million years. Then only comes to Earth and takes birth in the world of plants. Then in the animal world. Then in the human body but with less intelligence. Then after performing many many pious deeds one will get human body with good intelligence.

    And Lord Chaitania says that only intelligent ones in this age of Kali will accept this Krishna Consciousness. If one is not accepting it it means he is fool. 

    In our case Srila Prabhupada was merciful to us and he only created our pious karma.

    Brain? This gross body is a prarabda karma - the karma which is already manifested. If we did not use our mind - brain in previous lives then in this life we will get very tiny brain. Brain of animals are very little. 

    Your servant,

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