• Lord Krishna is the origin of everything, even the conception of married life and the sex within married life to beget good children. If Krishna is the origin of everything, why is it not possible to Krishna to get married to thousands or lakhs of spiritual women with spiritual bodies and beget children. Its all His omnipotency and unlimited capabilities in everything, even in marriages and begetting children. No one can surpass Him. Hare Krishna

    • Very well explained... there is nothing impossible for Lord..

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    This is described in the Srimad Bhagawatam. Krsna Book also has one chapter on this. 

    Once Narada Muni went to Dwarka with the same curiosity in mind. He saw that each of the queens has a palace of her own. Krsna is simultaneuosly present in each house, doing His normal household duties every where, such that each queen thinks He is with her alone. In one house, He is eating, in another He is offering prayers..... and so on.

    Similar to the raas lila pastime, where the lord expanded Himself into number of forms such that each gopi thought lord is dancing with her alone.

    For more details, please read Krsna book.


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