Hare Krishna dear Devotees!

Please accept my Dandvat Pranam.

   I need help to sort out confusion regarding date of Ekadashi in Feb. I stay in Kuala Lumpur, and I am going to Kolkatta on 4th Feb. According to Vaishnav Reminder, we have to fast on 4th Feb for Ekadashi in Kuala lumpur. But in Kolkatta ( which i believe follows the same calendar as Mayapur), Ekadashi fasting is on 3rd Feb, and on 4th Feb. morning we have to do Ekadashi Parayan.

    Since I will be reaching Kolakatta in the evening of 4th feb, so should I observe Ekadashi on 4th Feb, and do the Parayan next day? Or can i open my fast once i reach Kolkatta since 4th is not Ekadashi according to Kolkatta's time? Or is the any other option? 

   How do Devotees observe Ekadashi when they are travelling from one time zone to the other on Ekadashi day?

 Thanks in advance.



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  • Thanks a lot Prabhu ji for your kind answer.

    Since I will be in Kuala Lumpur on Ekadashi morning, so i will follow Ekadashi on 4th Feb. and open my fast on 5th in kolkatta.

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