Job plus Bhakti. How to be?

Hare Krishna ... Hare Rama... Rama Rama Hare Hare... Hare Rama...Hare Krishna ... Krishna Krishna Hare Hare...

I don't want to run from society & social responsibilities but felt without running away from society can't be Zero Fear, stress free life , non selfish life.

Want to be devote of god .... want to do spiritual practices but day to day task stop me to go close to god.

Some other ways to fascinate me for Zero Fear Life..... Confusion where to go


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        • Hare Krishna .... Thanks Rashmi Ji... I have noted that... i have to keep continue the mahamantra Jap Whether the concentration is there or not, whether the desire is there or not, whether the time or circumstances are favourable or not - I have to have to have to chant and complete your committed rounds. I will not leave this spiritual feelings which I blessed from god.

          My belief has increased as i feel that you were also able to continue the mahamantra jap when you were also beginner in spiritual path. Now I am getting motivations from you.

          Now I am more determine to released from maya devi's jail.... yes i am confined in maya devi's jail thanks to make me realized. For passing maya devi's test takes long time but I have to start now.

          Little confusion has clear.... keep encouraging me.... once again thanks.

          " Hari Bol.... keshav Madhav Hari Hari Bol... Mukund Behari Hari Hari Bol.... Radha Ramana Hari Hari Hari Bol ..... Banke Behari Hari Hari Bol .... Radha Rani sarkar Hari Hari Bol. Hari Bol... Hari Bol"



          Human servant,


          • Rashmi Ji .... I am sharing my last 4-5 days experiences. Wants your opinion that I am on right track?.

            1. I had a very old & best friend (this friends was my internal desire about money , Jalousie, Ego , Dominate others , Lust) but since last 3-4 days my heart started calling him animal. 20% time this animal started leaving me spl. during remembering god.... Can this animal wash out from my life?. 
            2.  I did some brain storming and found that no one is my enemy except myself. I am the only enemy of myself. I always take target which are beyond my reaches but god blessed so many successes but I suffered lot. I want to save my heart who always in pressure. The current life style is pressure cooker.
            3. All sudden i realized that i was just maintaining credit side of life accounts i forget to understand the debit side i.e. the tension, fear , sacrifice health / relax etc. 
            4. One more feeling started that if i fail some where than god will come & save me.

            This thought process has started because i started thinking spirituality?.


            • E-Counselor

              Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


              1. Regarding what you have written, one bhajan comes to mind - hum ko man ki shakti dena, man vijay karein, dusro ki jai se pehle khud to jai karein.......Before we try to gain victory over others, we should try to gain victory over ourselves (in other words, try to control our mind and senses before trying to control others). It is very difficult to get over kaam, krodha, mad, matsarya, lobha, moha (lust, anger, intoxication, jealousy, greed and attachment). This is an ongoing journey, the more we progress the more we will realise how these create havoc in our lives.

              2. It takes a lot of training to count our blessings - sometimes that training is through painful experiences. The more we learn to count our blessings, the less we blame God for our failures and the less we demand from Him. Good going, keep it up.

              3. Yes, everything comes at a price. When we desire anything, we should look at the price we will have to pay for it. Rarely the price is in the form of money - mostly the price is the intangibles, which we had taken for granted and for which we forgot to thank God until that went away from us.

              4. Pls read Bhagawad Gita - Sh 2.40 - nehabhi kram nashosti.... when you read the translation, you will realise that this is what you have written. Yes, belief in God removes a lot of fear from our minds. The more we surrender, the more our mind is in our control and it does not get agitated by even life threatening situations. Eg - Prahlad Maharaj and Meera Bai - both faced life threatening situations more than once, that too for merely being a devotee of the lord, still they could remain unagitated and the lord protected them.

              Take care,

              Keep on chanting,


              Your servant,


              • Hare Krishna .... Rashmi Ji

                As you suggested me to Read Bhagawad Gita.... I have tired in the past but Language is very difficult you know when you explain me some things I immediate understand  & start thinking over that but Gita saar understanding is not easy for me.... But I will try to read with more concentration in future.

                You are my Guru & my interest in spirituality is new born baby so don't leave my hand & take me to param shanti path & keep connect me to Lord Krishna.

                I am feeling happy , stress free after reading comments of you & other devotees. Its supporting me in spirituality. 

                Govind bolo Hari Gopal bolo.... Radha Raman Hari Govind bolo.


                • E-Counselor

                  Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


                  Thank you for your kind words, though I am not capable of being a guru to anyone at all. I am trying my best to solve some queries of newcomers through this forum so taht they become steady in devotion.

                  If you are finding Gita to be too difficult, then you start with beginners books - Beginner's Guide to Krsna Consciousness, On the Way to Krsna, Perfect Questions & Perfect Answers, Chant and Be Happy. YOu can get these books in eform in So no need to buy and carry it across 5 states, if you can access net from everywhere.

                  The trick is to chant, eat prasadam, associate and read to the extent possible. This way, you will be able to understand the philosophy and progress very fast on the path of spirituality.

                  Best of luck,

                  Pls be in touch and keep posting your queries on this forum,


                  YOur servant,


        • Hare Krishna Mataji ,

          Your responses are always helpful . Please keep answering it helps for beginners like me .



  • kahi jaane ki jarurat nahi hai , aap bhagwn ke sharnagat ho kar savi karmo ko bhagwan ko samrpit karte hue bhagwan ki seva ghar par he kare .

    hare krishna maha mantra ka jaap kariye ,kirtan kariye . apko zero fear life prapt hoga 


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