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I have a health problem. I joined yoga classes also. But i was in doubt whether i m right or wrong.

I have heard that Bhaktiyoga is greater than any other yoga process. i was thinking that i have to only chant Hare Krishna Maha Mantra & not do any other yoga. In that yoga classes i was unable to concerntrate  100%. If i m buying any other book on yoga or joined yoga classes for my better health is that fine. Sometime i receive any other spiritual organization's (other than iskcon) book from my friend circle, office etc. I unable to refuse them, what should i do?

Please guide the unworthy soul in this confusion.

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  • Hare Krishna ji,

    Pranayam and Meditation has been mentioned in Gita as well. I would say that these could be tools for your growth in bhakti-yog. If you have health issues then this could be a great way to cure them. Overall it helps you keep your thought process in check, so you do not drift into the negative territory and keep yourself focused in your bhakti.

    There is a difference in Baba Ramdev yoga and AOL (Art of living). AOL charges a lot of money to teach you the program (sudarshan Kriya) they have devised. You cannot find the technique anywhere on the internet as they have kept it guarded and would only teach once you shell out some bucks.

    What Baba Ramdev has devised can be bought in dvds but is available free over the internet. As he says yoga is heritage of Indian culture, no money can be charged for learning this. The teachers that are certified also teach yoga as a voluntary service, they cannot charge money for conducting classes.

    Also Baba Ramdev is propogating Yoga for a healthy lifestyle and world peace and creating a healthy civilization. He has not put any religion into it. He always say while starting and during yoga, that the  Surrender and complete faith in your God is of prime importance. He constantly refers to Krishna as Yogeshwar and Yogiraj Bhagwan Shri Krishna and always talks about going back to our God head. He quotes Gita all the time. He also into reviving the rich culture. He is not asking anyone to worship him or call him GuruJi.

    The sages also knew that bhakti-yog is the top most, but they used these as just tools to advance in their Bhakti. So you do whatever is required for keeping yourself healthy to perform your wordly duties and keep yourself concentrated in your Lord, your God and your Bhakti.

    Hari Bol.

    • Dandavat

      Thank you so much for making my mind clear. Because of Lord Krishna's Mercy i have got a yoga class which do not charge any fees. It was free of cost. Because of that my concerntration got strong but i was not able to put my heart 100% in that class because one person didn't joined the class saying that Bhakti yoga is topmost yoga & he will do that only. So i get confused.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    It is true this body is not our but belongs to Krishna. So knowing that we have to keep it healthy in order to serve to Krishna and to His Devotees very actively.

    It is true Bhakti Yoga is top most thing! But to take care of the health of this body is inside the Bhakti Yoga, isn't it?!

    So all we have different types of bodies. Because of that we should study our body and eat those Prasadam which are good and suitable for our body. For example, i try to do every day some yogic asanas (maybe for 10 minutes), then try to eat on time, also do not eat too spicy, salty, too much oily, or less sugar, no heavy grains...

    And such like diet helps me to be healthy and fit for performing normal Sadhana bhakti. 

    Also Srila Prabhupada used to tell that one should have a 1 cm fat under the skin only. Which means he used to advice not to be too over weight which is not good for health and so on.

    What health problems might be You having dear Sumitra Mataji?! Ok please contact to my inbox we will discuss further.

    Your servant, 

  • Volunteer

    Hatha yoga is like exercising. The science is from the Vedas, who's source is Lord Vishnu.

    Avoid any mayavadi literature and hearing any mayavadi. Very dangerous.

    Give up any friends who are mayavadis. No you cannot save them, no one can. They are offenders of the Holy Names, Namaparadi... no one can save them.

    In the USA, many Hare Krishnas own and operate yoga studios as a way to attract people to Bhakti yoga. Try to find a yoga studio operated by people in devotional service instead of mayavadi proponents.

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