concentration while chanting

Hare krsna............pamho...........Plz sm1 help me..............while chanting m jst nt able 2 concentrate on it instead i keep on thinking abt other material things...i tried a lot bt all invain.....................plz tell me hw can i concentrate ma mind on jst krsna while chanting..............

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    Sorry forgot one important point.

    All the above and... Wake up at 4 am and it will do the trick. Guaranteed !!!

    Get done with your chanting 16 rounds by 6 am and you will truly have a blissful day. Everyday!

    Ps. please be sure to bless me when you get to that point.

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    mt g concentration is super ez

    1. chant loudly as loud as you can.

    plz do temple kirtana and loud ngr Sankirtan

    2. also, saying the pranam mntr and Pancha tatva mantr, before every round and every time you are seriously distracted.

    (nama om vishnu-padaya

    krishna-preshthaya bhu-tale

    shrimate bhaktivedanta-

    svamin iti namine

    namas te sarasvate deve




    (Jaya) shri-krishna-caitanya

    prabhu nityananda

    shri-advaita gadadhara


    3. Listen carefully what you are chanting. If you are incorrect even a bit off, trying to get done fast, go back one, repeat. Key here "carefully listening to what you are saying"

    I tried to typ like txt ng bt nt gud @ tht
    Gud luk mata g. plz let me kno hw turned out

    Hare Krishna
  • thanx a lot
  • Hare Krishna

    On the outset of it your reactions are absolutely correct. Krishna as Sankarshana is the mind. Those materialistic dictations of Lording over the material worlds comes from Him.

    To move into Krishna Consciousness means to unsubscribe from Maha Maya/material worlds which also happens to be the main mission of Ananta Deva or Bhagavan Sankarshana. Making all the fallen Jivas go back to the spiritual skies by closing down their material business.

    The test of genuine unsubscription is the cause for these thoughts.

    Kindly follow some of the following to mitigate these attempts by the Mind to drift quickly and trust me Bhagavan Ji will appreciate your sincere attempts:

    1. Paste all possible wall space with the images of Bhagavan Ji and His associates.
    2. Sit in front of them and chant while seeing them
    3. Try to study the Bhagavatas while chanting. The Bhagavatas is nothing but Bhagavan Krishna Himself. Prabhupada’s explanations are vivid and you can visualize what is being described.
    4. Drink that immortalizing nectar from your mind
    5. Chant moderately loud since you can hear them too.
    6. Chant between 4 to 5 am. It is the Brahma Muhurta during which time the wireless bandwidth from your body and mind is on quality of service direct to Him.
    7. From your intellect feel for Him with all the sincere willingness and eagerness you already possess.
    8. Your fingers are touching Tulasi Maharani while rolling the beads.
    9. While driving chant without the beads.

    10.  Close the day with a couple of rounds and place the beads in a bag under your pillow. This will continue your intention to chant 24x7 and your subconscious and unconscious mind will continue the chanting during your sleep thereby achieving 24x7 shravanam, kirtanam, Vishnu smaram and all your faculties constantly converged in the service to Bhagavan Krishna.

    11.  Keep a mala in your office/college bag too. Use the image of Bhagavan Super soul/Sri Sri Radhe Sri Krishna Chandra as your desk top object. Use both your hands and click on the mouse keeping the cursor on the Divine Lotus feet of Bhagavan Ji as many times during work/study with a steady mental prayer “Thy will be done my Lord”.

    12.  Mail all your sincere feelings to anyone close to you or any of the devotees of ISKCON. This records your feelings and Kaya Vacha and Manasa.

    13.  Eat only Prasada and if you are constrained to eat out have only Jain food with a small mental prayer offering it as a submission to Bhagavan Ji with a humble prayer before consuming it.

    14.  What happens is Pure divine convergence of voice, data, visual, mental, physical and even hindsight simultaneously and intensively focused unto the Divine Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Krishna Ji resulting in constant concentration.

    Check it out and watch your entire mind interacting and converging with Bhagavan Ji in all the glory of Shudha Prema Bhakti.

    Jai Sri Krishna



  • Hare Krishna

    I am not able to understand what are you trying to tell. Kindly expand it.

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna dear Devotees, Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

       In Krishna Consciousness mostly our whole duty is to concentrate our mind in the Holy Names of Krishna.

      It is maybe easy to become an universal actress, billionaire, champion of the world in some type of sport...but to achieve Krishna is very difficult thing. So our business is the tuft one. But the result also is very high and priceless.

      So lets give our full endeavor to fulfill this mission!

      Things should be done that will help us to calm mind and concentrate on the Holy Names:

       ---to try not speak nonsense; whatever we speak stays in mind and mind always will think and analyze those things.

      ---to control our vision; not to look to sinful things which may agitate our senses then mind. For example, advertisements, movies (whole TV).

      ---to try to wear the clothes which won't disturb others' minds and to take a reaction in the form of lust.

      ---Try to eat only Krishna Prasadam; Food not only maintains our body but mind also.

      ---Try to eat in a peaceful, clean place, with friendly people.

      ---To make a habit the reading of Bhagavad Gita, Arimad Bhagavatam;

      ---Try to listen lectures always; why to loose time?

      ---Try very hard selflessly serve to Devotees and  when they are pleased request them to pray for us, that we could chant better. When Devotees ask Krishna, He will eventuality fulfill their desire. (it is secret of success ;-)  )

      ---when we are on the way, for example on the bus on the place of gazing to people, outside the window...we can meditate upon the Deity Form of Krishna and offer Him flowers, fruits in our mind.

      ---Try to learn and read prayers of Vaishnava Acharyas, and pray to Krishna reading them. Very helpful! They help us to get that devotional consciousness.

      ---Also  very good to chant before Sun rise, sitting in the half lotus posture.

      ---also to give attention to the speed. Not too slow - our mind will go somewhere else, and not too fast - we will pronounce wrongly: shnik shnik yam yam..

      ----and even thou you can not concentrate Your mind, CRY,CRY AGAIN CRY (of course we do it when we are alone) and beg for mercy:" Krishna, please, help me!"

      We want to buy a Diamond so price also should be very big.

      Your servant,


      • So nicely told


      • hare krishna

          very very thanks 

            in the early morning one should do jap. During japa only hearing the words that u pronounced is important. 

  • When you chant try to concentrate on your  own voice, then automatically the material things will disappear from your mind & when you sit for chanting choose a peaceful, quite place where there is very less noise, where you can hear only your voice in great extent.

  • k thanx .............
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