Pranam to all devotee's.


I have been chanting on beads for almost two months. Initial one month was very fulfilling like I used to concentrate well but now I feel I get distracted easily. While chanting my mind wanders like a monkey and lose the way. My lips recite the mantra but mind wanders somewhere else, either in the past or in the future. It wanders constantly through my worries, my mistakes or something else but never sticks to the present.


How do I control it??? I just don't want to do something like this if I am not connected it. Please help.


Thanks and regards


Lokesh Sharma

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    • Hare krsna!

      Sri Sri Guru Gauranga jayatah!

      srila Mahanidhi Swami states in the art of chanting hare krsna...about concentration....He says that hearing the holy name, is a must...but however, thats not fully possible if the mind is contaminated....however there are certain other techniques....its called picture meditation...try glancing at a picture of radha krsna....slowly one by one...starting from the lotus feet....gradually going face wards....then close ur eyes n try seeing that same picture  slowly....lotus feet...then ankle....anklets....calf...knees...etc...this should help u....

      Then slowly after some months u will be able to place radha krsna very nysly wen u chant ur japa....Also...the other technique is read more about the various transcedental qualities of the lord(64 in all as given in NOD)...and then wen u chant kp thinking 4-5 qualities slowly nicely one by one per round....then remembering and visualing the various vraja pastimes of the lord also help greatly......

      Vaishnava dasanudas,

      amarnath das

  • hare krishna,,,

             i have so many photos of krishna in my computer..When i sit to chant,, i switchit on as slide this my mind concentrate on krishna.....i think this may help you


  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

    Please feel the presence of Krishna while chanting on beads as there is no difference between Krishna and his name.Gradually you will be able to control the senses. 

    Srila Prabhupada says “when we chant His holy name sincerely, we are directly associating with Him and we become purified. As we become more advanced in chanting Hare Krishna, we feel God's presence more and more”

    Please try it for yourself and see the results

    Keep Chanting

    Hare Krishna!!

  • Volunteer

    Do you perform nagar Sankirtan?

    When you chant Mahamantra loudly in public places, you will be able to focus much better.

    Jai Srila Prabhupad.

  • Dear Lokesh,

                         please accept my humble obeisances,

    I'am chanting 16 rounds from a long tym. from now.. and this problem is still there.. i have talked to very advanced deevotees and they have similar problems.. so, instead of worrying too much about the concentration part. i believe u just concentrate on hearing the mantra clearly . concentration  means to be attentive.. just clearly hear your mantra. and your mind will automatically be situated. shrila bhakti siddhanta saraswati maharaj said " if yor mind goes away 1000 times. u get it back 1001 times.. this the art of chanting.. and i'am very sure one day u will be so advanced that ur mind will be your servant. krsna doesn't want results he just wants your effort.. results he will give.. !!


    i have practised this simple technique(to hear my mantra clearly) and i have benefitted a lot !! and also try to chant in the association of deevotees...


    hare krsna !!

    • Dear Lokesh Prabhu,


      Dandvat Pranam... my humble obeisances unto you...


      Your line, "krsna doesn't want results he just wants your effort.. results he will give.. !!" are just amazing and are enough to keep me Krishna Consciousness.


      Thanks a ton.


      Hare Krishna




    • Hare krsna,

      Happened to read your post, and appreciate your reply.


      Hari Hari!

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