Common in all religions and faiths

Hare Krishna,

Why all major faiths cover up something which is considered immoral in the society ?

Like Mohammed marrying Aisha 6 year old girl in Islam, similarly at various place in

our scriptures Kings and Rishis of high stature indulge with others wife. For example,

if you see in Mahabharat  Vyasadev impregnating Ambika and Madri, Kunti devi calling

different Gods for children. When asked I got an answer their association is through 

vision they do not involve physically,  but I was not convinced. Why pandavas took it 

seriously when Kunti asked them to share Draupati they could have told it is not good

or Kunti devi should have told them not to take it seriously. Wife of an elder brother is 

equal to mother how can they share women when they are so virtous. I couldn't what is 

the higher cause here. 




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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Aakash prabhu,


    When I saw hte title of your post, I thought you are mentioning that all religions teach the same thing - love God, serve God. 

    Why become a fly, forever looking for sore spot to feed on, ratgher than a swan - who can take out milk from water mixed with milk?

    I know you will say it doesnt answer the doubt you have raised.

    Regarding Prophet Mohammad, I cannot comment because I dont know. 

    Regarding Vyasdev impregnating Ambika, Ambalika and Maid servant, and Kunti and Madri invoking various gods to get son from them - these are pastimes of a different era - where the codes of morality were different from what is prevelant in society today. At that time, it was ok to approach someone for a son with good genes. That was their way of ensuring good genes progeny. In today's times, it is achieved by IVF via donor sperm, where one can choose the donor based on his qualities. Does that make sense to you?

    Again I will say the same thing to you that i have said scores of times - doubting thomases and rolling stones gather nothing. Learn to trust. Your inherent nature of distrust towards religion baffles me. You have not trusted the holy name, our scritpures or gurus at all.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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