mata jis and prabhu jis 

i am facing a lot of problems now .in 3 months i have my bord exams not able to study scores have gone down by 50% non devotee parents forcing me not to pray and serve lord and i am 24x7 thinking and singing about him i am addicted to this idt also too totally confusion not able to die also coz its a sin pls guide me.....

your servent

jaganatha dasa(jayanth vishaal)

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  • thank you all of you by all your grace i got distinction in tenth grade hari bol !!!

    • E-Counselor

      Haribol!!! Congratulations. 

      Please share with us your realisation if any, whether being on the path of Krsna Consciousness helped you get good marks. 

      Secondly, you are now an ambassador of Krsna. Let people know (if you are comfortable) that you are devotee of Krsna. This may inspire them also to pray to Krsna while studying.

      Congratulations once again.

  • Sri guru gauranga jayatu..

    Accept my humble obeisances.
    Dear prabhu the problem u think of is not actually a problem., Krsna con is the solution to all the problem.

    Ur saying ur marks r below 50%, but ur krsna con is not the obstacle fr poor grades, if it wer so then y not all non devotees score good marks. Our studys r depending on 3 factors :- our effort, fortune And time.(eg:. If to grow a crop, farmer has to put his EFFORT in farming , but thats not enough he has to get the favour of FORTUNE, the rains. And the crops wont grow up immediately they need TIME) so understand yourself and also tell ur parents that in every field of life there are some tngs under our control and some tngs beyond our control. If v wer absolute controller of our life then no one in this world would be unhappy or failure. So try to put ur attention on what is in ur control namely-studying,practicing,go to tutions etc..(u can also use internet fr ur studies,there are many learning apps and videos that explains the topics easily). And dont worry about what is not in ur control namely the results.(u cant Do anything about it,so y worry).

    Ur parents are obstructing ur bhakti, this is normal for many devotees. U hear this fr mny devotees. Evn my parents r opposed to krsna con especially isckon, but im practising secretly and they r not a problem. I chant wen they r not around, i go to temple telling lies to my parents, i read books lik tat, i hear lectures . They used to force me to eat meat in childhood but i always resisted and tolerated their scolding,beating,redicules etc and now they hav stopped forcing me. Ull hear many tngs lik this from other devotees. So it is also happening to u now , dont lose hope and take wrong decision. In future tngs will get better. As u get matured ,ull understand everything.

    Understand tat our body is temporary nd no matter what u achieve materially - good scores, good job, good earnings, followers family etcit will b lost at any time when death knocks us. But whatever service u render to krsna is never lost, even if ur not successful ull get a chancenxt lyf ,ull b born as a human being. But but pursuingthe goals of ordinary ignorant men will only lead us down to lower life (andha yathandair upaniyamAna... ). People dono tat there is nxt lyfe, v r eternal beings changing bodies, etc.. they think this life is all in all and so eat sleep be merry is their philosophy. But human life is not meant to liv lik this . V r meant fr eternal happy lif wit krsna, so human lif giv us opportunities to gget it.Study is required for earning a living but tat doesn't define ur worth and success of life.

    Our life is not meant for scoring some numbers in exam where v reproduce wat v hav forced into our brains the contents of material phenomena contained in our textbooks. It is meant for freeing us(soul) from revolving the many species and going back to godhead.

    And u r really successful in life if u r able to do that, .
    For example:- " if i want to type a book in my phone, its not possible . I can oly type some messages and paragraph but not an entire book. So does this mean the phone is useless? No! The phone has its purpose and if its doing tat then the phone is successfully doing its job. If i want to type a book then i must use a computer."

    Same way if ur not doing well in any aspect of ur lyf, dont feel broken down. The purpose of human life is not tat. Many people hav come and gone in this earth like alexander,and many others whu wer famous. But wer r they now. They hav died , where hav they gone? U think over. Same way watever u may achieve in material life, it will all b meaningless when death comes which certainly will. So consider all this and work in ur life.

    All that i hav spoken is for encouraging u, and not to discourageu from ur studies . So gain courage to face ur problems with the faith tat no matter wat happens, krsna is always there for u.

    Hare krsna,,
  • Hare Krishna,

    I am having a daughter and her studies is important for me as equally as Krishna consciousness. Krishna will never accept me if I disregard my parental duty just to take part in other KC activities. In fact taking care of my daughter both spiritually and materially itself is a KC activity.

    Similarly a student duty is to study and doing the prescribed duty in the mood of service to Krishna itself is a Krishna consciousness duty.

  • You can pray in our heart , listen KC music using ear phone and chant in some local temple in pretext of going to a friend's house. No one can stop KC. 

    • E-Counselor

      Being Krsna Conscious doesnt mean at all that one does not do one's prescribed duty, which is studying in the instant case. Krsna Consciousness is a state of the mind. It doesnt stop us from doing our prescribed duty. The first thing neophyte sadhakas do is give up their prescribed duty - because there is drudgery in that.

      Pls remember - Arjuna was a grihasta, kshatriya before hearing Gita and he remained one after hearing the Gita. It is mentioned very clearly in Ch 4 and 5 of Gita that we have to do our karma under any circumstances.

      I dont think it is good advice to a teenager to go to a friends house or local temple at the time he should be studying. We are adults, they are impressionable. They are looking for excuses to escape, we should not encourage that. 

      If you see Srila Prabhupada's life also, he also curtailed deity worship during his years in college, to complete his studies. We have to ensure that our children study and come up in life.

      Krsna consciousness is a way of life they have to learn to adopt. It doesnt interfere with our doing our duty at all.


      • Pranams. Prabhuji posting the question mentioned : "non devotee parents forcing me not to pray and serve lord". That is why I advised him to chant in some local hindu temple in neighborhood in "pretext/excuse" of visiting a friend. If  chanting at home earns criticism better chant outside. We cannot give up chanting 16 rounds even during exams. I never advised him not to do his prescribed duty. I myself have good academic record while practicing Krishna consciousness. I am just asking him to be low profile in maintaining basic sadhna.

        One can excel in academics as this will bring glory to ISKCON as people will think these devotees are intelligent people. 

  • Attachment & detachment, sepperation is a real thing as wormth is a semptum of the Sun's shining, detachment from material energies is a semptum of involking the "Unlimited" atomic energy of The holly names. So yes, you are causing disturbance to the materialy orientated hearts & minds of your parent's. So
    As with your study's plz. begin to strategicly pick your time & places for your devotional chanting practice, if you feel like you must continuously take shelter of the "transindental" energies of the GodHeads do-so with sweet *Bahshons, & Millodeus Raggas, kind sweet gentle songs that are pleasing to the hearts & mind. From 4:Am. Till 6: or 7:am is a better time to express your more exuberant intensities as with "Public Sankiertonna
    Extreme jubalence needs to be designated to those times, I suggest! Be nice/kind when you are involking those unlimited Atomic energies. & better results will be on the horizon. Purafying is liberating' but by sharing pallitibly your experience with them, with others you are actually serving Krishna & Hi's mission to reawakening our/everyone's "long neglected & forgotten relationship with Him.
    B-kind with the mantras.
    & your Karma will naturally be kind to you! Theoretically
    Hare Hare Krishna Krishna Hay* please protect Us all! ?
    • yes please don't be combative, be king and generis be kind & comforting with you (Krishna- powers!)

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