christianity and krishna

Prabhupada has glorified jesus christ many times and said that christ is bonafide representative of lord krishna. Is there any vedic scriptural proof to justify this statement? If true, is it possible to attain lord krishna and go to goloka for a pure christian who is fully dedicated to jesus christ throughout his life, but never utters the name of krishna or believes in vedic literature or lord krishna directly? 

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  • God appeares in many forms (& heads-up many forms of conventional forms of WisdomTraditions that keep the falling souls moving in right direction(s). But no culture deserves to be compared to ISKCON. (Not even close).
    Espeshely no Cow killing Culture
  • Don't know if Vedas mention Jesus but bhavishya purana  one of the puranas written by vyasa about Kali yuga mentions him.It also mentions Adam and Eve, in the purana they are named Adama and Havyavathi and they will multiply the number mlechas.
  • yes name of christ is mentioned in atharva veda 

    also in aquarian gospel (exact scripture name ?) it is said that lord jesus visited Jagannath temple

    reg 2nd question, i don't know, my guess is a devoted christian will come in contact with hare krishna teachings at some point

    • How? Becoz either Christopher columbus or vasco da Gama are given credit for discovering sea route to india

      • maybe Jesus did not come by sea, there is land route also 

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