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Is there any particular reason why a soul chooses a particular male and a female to be its parents. I read from your article that the soul only chooses its parents. I just want to know the reason behind it.

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    True, ordinary souls like you and me are not able to choose parents but great souls like Bhishma and his brother are.

    They requested Mother Ganga to come to Earth to be their mother. But I never remember requesting any woman to be my mom. It simple happens because of our similar karma. That is why I may look like my dad and mom.

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  • Hi,

    Not exactly soul chose parents, no. but, it happen because of your desires, you maybe attached with your family, money or home in previous life, so one can take place birth in that particular Family or Situation. it is your desire as you are thinking about money or some person when your about to leave your body in previous life.

    soul doesn't chose body or relations. it is your last thought while dying in your previous life.

    for example: one may earn so hardly and only worried about that money. even when his dying he was worried about that money, quite possible he may take birth in that family or he may be a servant of that family, he may be anything. but, ultimately he will be there according to his desire. because he is think for that money not KRISHNA.

    one who don't think about "krishna" he has to take birth again and again in these material world.

    Only way to go back to Godhead Back to home,is Remembering KRISHNA.

    as my Guru Ji thought me, i am sharing that knowledge With you.


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