I've been struggling with this dilhemma for a bit now. I am in a committed relationship with another woman and we intend to marry and have children. We are torn about whether we should invest in having children in one of three ways:(1) Adoption.(2) Artificial Insemination: I would be the biological mother, with an anonymous sperm donor.(3) in-vitro fertilization: We would both be the biological mothers, with an anonymous sperm donor. My partner's egg would be fertilized by a sperm donor and then the embryo would be injected into my womb.I read somewhere (I don't remember the source) that the Vedas say that adoption is not good. But why? I know that parents must have a god-like mindset while conceiving, but does artificial conception make it any different? Is it wrong to invest so much time and money to bring another child into the world when there are so many born without parents? Please advise on how to make a Krishna Conscious decision.Your aspiring servant,Chalice

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  • Hari Bol Chalice!

    I re-read my posts. I was definitely rude with you. I seek forgiveness. I should not have been judgemental at any time.

    Please forgive me.

    Your servant,


  • hare krishna mataji.

    i respect your emotions.but u should marry with a man and then have a child.if u cant have your own child then u can go for other ways such as adoption/artificial................

    mataji please engage yourself in krishna concious  activities.this will give u inner strength and stability.krishna will reveal u what is good and what is bad to you gradually.please believe me.

    if i have hurted u then please forgive me.hare krishna

  • wanting child is natural now 1st please come to vrindavan in india specially during november 11 to 18 or for whole month enjoy spiritual life i assure you that will be the best**** moments of your life. :-))))))))))))))))

    u both r young i would suggest wait for 5 years and enjoy spiritual life in full capacity first. read krishnas childhood pasttimes in srimad bhagvatam canto ten and take initiation if possible.

    don't think that because of child ur bond will become strongest when krishna will come in ur life it will be strongest.

    after 5 years if u still wish to go for child with option 2 or 3 (as per ur will) ask devotee to donate sperm and then have child.

    krishna is very kind and loving please give few years to krishna and after 5 years will discuss again, is it ok ?

  • harE krishnA chalice matAji !!

    When natural means of begetting children is not happening, artificial and healthy means of begetting children should be considered. Vedas have condemned illicit/unnatural sexual relationships - married man with unmarried woman and vice versa, man-man, woman-woman and man-animal to avoid the danger of lust and misery that come in the mode of ignorant passion ans desires.

    However, we've puranic incidents of unnatural births. Kunti got her five sons from the gods. That didn't make her unchaste. In fact, under many tough circumstances and hostile scenarios she grew her sons to be great and noble examples of how ideal princes should be. Lord Krishna Himself had special love for His aunt Kunti and gave her personal spiritual lessons. Lord Rama and His brothers were born from the wives of King Dasaratha who drank 'spiritually-enhanced' payasam given by Lord Agni from the sacrificial fire. Lord Dharmasastha / Ayyappa (HariHara putra) was born from the union of Mohini-Vishnu (female) and Lord Siva. 

    Therefore, desiring to have a child by infertile couples is not a sin. But when you decide to go for artificial means, consult good doctors who study your biological, physiological and also psychological aspects (how to help a growing child to accept same-sex parents as father-mother when the kid sees normal cross-sex biological parents around it..).

    Think, consult and plan how to grow the child and its growing culture and environment before you actually beget a child.

    PuranAs tell many instances of how people can get elevated by the Grace of God through 'Nama-chanting'. A thief Ratnakar turn to Sage Valmiki, a fallen-soul (Ajamila) coming back to Krishna, Arunagiri (a man with all bad habits) turn a devotee-saint ArunagirinAthar of Lord Muruga and writing the great Thiruppugazh and the list goes on and on.

    Both you and your partner should do more rounds of Hare-krishna mantra chants and then little Krishna sure will bless you with a krishna-conscious child from birth !!

    ||shri krishnah sharanam mama||

  • Hare Krishna , Dandavat pranam mataji..

    Rules and regulations are made to increase our Krishna consciousness and to discover “Krisna  Prema” which  is  already present in our heart.

    Mataji , as you said you are devotee of KC, it means that your every action should be like that it should please Krishna . If you are trying to make yourself happy ,   that means you are doing wrong. Every  moment we should think that “ how I can make Krishna happy?” which seva should I do that can make my lord happy…

    You want baby for whom ? for you or for the pleaser  of Krishna? If for Krishna , then how it can make him happy? Ask these quotations yourself.

    .. Every soul is receiving his body and life by his previous karma, its results are already decided , so you should not worry about any  thing except  Krishna Consciousness’, because only this thing can save you.

    The “love” you are utilizing for your happiness is not pure and original, Try to love Krishna ,you will receive a  test of pure love .

    Chant Mahamantra to purify your heart and open the door for pure  love

  • What Maharaj Said about Adoption?

    Genarally I have seen RKM people to say Mentality of parents matter when they are conceiving and mating, that's why it is not good to adopt a baby from orphan house.

    But Bhagbatam describes how soul enters in father's body and becomes spam (SB 3.31.1).... (I don't remember anything that it says if father is rascal only rascal soul will enter in his body) Namachyra Haridas Thakur Came in Mohammedan Family, There are Great devotees Who were orphan, born out of so called illicit relationship. 

    if we see from Vedanta point of view Krishna clearly says under his super vision soul gets his new body and family according to his Karma. He gets a family according to kind of upbringing he deserves. You are a devotee and if your Partner is favorable too, you can give a nice accommodation for a kid to perform devotional service from his childhood (my senior used to say soul who intensely pray to perform devotional service comes to devotees house)

    I am not that advanced to tell what is correct. but for me is seems desire to have a kid with my crossover-ed Chromosome, (my blood running in his/her vain), mentality of father and conceiving mother matters a little if you are aimed at transcendental practice only.

    Well now I am coming to my real Bushiness :) you said you  have a medical background so SB cant 3 Chapter 31: Lord Kapila's Instructions on the Movements o... (Great if have a hard copy of it). it gives a description of ZYGOTE AND FETUS, I believe you will appreciate it (few of biological concepts matches with it) get me a feedback when you are over with it.


    • Please give examples of great souls who were born of illicit relationship. Yes, if father was a great sage an he got attracted to an apsara then there are examples. But actually the humans have to follow laws set by Manu and for higher beings there are different laws.Example Urvasi didnt bother she was relative of Arjuna etc. You can not mix this two levels. If you are cultivating some envy why higher beings can do some things and we not this wont help you either.

      Please give example of great souls born or inseminated into homosexuals from scriptures i if you are so eager to proof your point. Orphans are there. Actually Narada  was taken care by Supersoul and therefore no need of some external parents. 

      We can see how many devotees have children with non devotional habits and mentality. This shows that there was not everything o.k. during conception, but here I dont want to point out peoples level or faults. We have just to see that the laws of nature are working.

    • Volunteer

      many souls at the time might be in the body of a father but according to the  particular consciousness particular soul will get strength and reach mother's body. 

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