children born on amavasya

Hare Krishna .They say that children who are born on amavasya created more trouble to generations . simillar case with my friend . she was about to give birth to a baby child on amavasya but her family members postponed it to next day resisting to doctor . the doctor had to do as they said . after birth the baby was not in condition to live and mother too . is having birth on amavasya is problematic ?

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  • Who say like this they are more trouble to current generations. keep safe your children.

  • hare krishna prabhuji,

    As per mataji's and prabuji's advice here, please ask the mother and other family members to pray for Krishna's mercy on the new born. How is the baby and mother now? is everything alright? We all will pray for the newborn and his/her mother.

    Your Servant 

  • No one should mess around with Krishna's plan. No one. If some one does it has conseuences. 

    • Without the will of Lord not even a leaf moves. Whatever happened to the child should be accepted as her destiny . May be she was not destined to be born on amavashya .

      If it is normal delivery and at a critical moment  it is better not to intervene else the consequence can be severe. Again here one can say " Rakhe Hari mare ke . Mare Hari Rakhe ke .". But better not to intervene if it is critical moment.

      Surgical delivery is safer nowadays and one can chose dates within a span of 5- 15 days. It is also the destiny of child . We just think that it is our plan .

      Anyway how is the baby and mother now ?

  • But . pornima is considered to be very pure day . what about amavasya . ?
    • When moon is rising then rishis and demigods are more powerful, on another side when moon is falling,

      ghostly creatures, rakshasas and demons are getting in power. When is rising, culmination is in Purnima, when is falling, culmination its in Amavasya. Therefore some brahmanas think that Amavasya is the worst time for  birth of a child.

      But they forgot that the constellation of the all stars on the sky is important in the moment of birth,

      as well as in the moment of conception, what to talk about other things like karma from previous life.

      Only taking moon in consideration cant change anything.

      The child in the womb is in terrible agony, its not wise to keep him longer, because of consequences of a supporting torture and pain of living being :

      SB 3.31.5Deriving its nutrition from the food and drink taken by the mother, the fetus grows and remains in that abominable residence of stools and urine, which is the breeding place of all kinds of worms.
      SB 3.31.6Bitten again and again all over the body by the hungry worms in the abdomen itself, the child suffers terrible agony because of his tenderness. He thus becomes unconscious moment after moment because of the terrible condition.
      SB 3.31.7Owing to the mother’s eating bitter, pungent foodstuffs, or food which is too salty or too sour, the body of the child incessantly suffers pains which are almost intolerable.
      SB 3.31.8Placed within the amnion and covered outside by the intestines, the child remains lying on one side of the abdomen, his head turned towards his belly and his back and neck arched like a bow.
      SB 3.31.9The child thus remains just like a bird in a cage, without freedom of movement. At that time, if the child is fortunate, he can remember all the troubles of his past one hundred births, and he grieves wretchedly. What is the possibility of peace of mind in that condition ?
      SB 3.31.10Thus endowed with the development of consciousness from the seventh month after his conception, the child is tossed downward by the airs that press the embryo during the weeks preceding delivery. Like the worms born of the same filthy abdominal cavity, he cannot remain in one place.
      With chanting holy names of Lord and praying, depending on His mercy and taking His shelter,
      feeding pure brahmanas, hungry peoples and all living entities,

      members of a family life can progress and satisfy dear Lord, getting unlimited eternal blessings.


  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I am not aware of consequences of birth on Amavasya or new moon day, but in this case, it appreas that we have played with nature. One should not play with nature, resisting doctor's advice, the family intervened to postpone the birth giving trouble to both new born as well as mother. Every child comes with his/ her destiny and it will unfold. It is largely dependent on the time of conception and the mental state of the parents at that time, not so much on the birth, if we are to believe scriptures.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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