Matajis, I will be having my 2nd child in December and am trying to make a plan for the placenta. According to devotee regulations, is it recommended that we ingest or not ingest any part of the placenta?

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  • Hare Krishna,


    You will be consuming membranes & tissues (maybe even alive); that's NOT SATTVIC or RAJASIC.

    And I don't want to even discuss health risks like infections, parasites all.

    No research which supports placentophagy; but there are medical cases which proves infection, rashes from consumption of placenta.

    If you want to do something noble; then bury it and let it be used manure for grass (Not Crops).

    Be Safe. Be healthy. Keep Chanting.

    Thank You

  • Sale it, it's full of Stimcells. Truly it realy could find a use in the medical industry's? Best be renounced in disposition twords this family relations, including this body "Renunciation"
    Monotheism is the formost path of renunciation? Hence God is being protective by the nature of Hi's actions. For our sake, ! How then-does your ingestion add to a "Child's imunal suport prosess.?
    Or otherWise it don't sounds,Rit. Not brminical AnyWay. Just sayin
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