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    Wives of Daksha gave birth to various species of lives. 

    Snakes, birds, some of their children came out of eggs.

    So in this way first appeared egg then birds.

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    Haribol Rajdip Prabhu!

    Well, it is said that the material creation came from a Golden Egg (Hiranya Garbha), into which Svayambhu entered (Svayambhu is none other than Lord Krishna/Lord Vishnu).

    It is also said that the universe in the shape of an egg..

    If I had to argue, I would say the egg must have come first. From a long terms perspective and whatever science tells us, there are mutations that occur between generations, which means that no two DNAs are identical (except identical twins). Of course we must also define what exactly was the first chicken - was it what the modern day chicken looks like or was it slightly difference in appearance, nature, etc. 

    Of course, in the greater perspective, the Vedas don't really talk about it because it does not contribute to spiritual life one bit. That being said, whether the chicken came first or the egg, the source of both is Krsna. So surrender to Krsna and leave the chicken and egg worries to those who have time to think about a chicken and an egg. We want to go to Krsna at the time of death, not a chicken's egg :)


  • Hare krsna!!! PAMHO

    Before Chicken or egg krishna(supreme personality) first.

  • Hare krishna ,Please accept my humble obeisance

                           I suppose the various living beings/creatures were created by brahma dev ,Lord brahma would have created the living being i.e the chicken which lays eggs  , he  would not have created the egg . This seemed logical to me.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

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