Chastity & Women

Hare Krishna,

Only women needs to be chaste..Why dont we ask men to be chaste as well..When both have equal contribution in reproduction and population then both should be chaste ??

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  • There is lack of pure love in any relationships these days. Woman are marrying men seeing his earning and body features these are the criteria seen now days.  Men are marrying based on the looks of the woman and bank balance ( dowry).  When the body is growing old both the partners are losing interest in one another. On some pretext they are divorcing. 
    Where is chastity ? neither woman are chaste nor men to be frank.

    There is no Lord Rama who was  Ek Patni Vrat.  Neither there is a Sita who does agni pareeksha to prove her chastity.

    In olden days the woman were restricted to even see other men or even think of them ...meeting and shaking hands with a stranger male is considered to be marriage only( Pani grahan). 

    Now a days Woman are going out meeting men shaking hands and walking and working with men .. If u really understand the meaning of chaste.. this is not what chaste ment in Olden days.

    Woman were not educated in olden times. They used to depend on educated men .. father, husband or son. As the woman to man ratio was low as many men used to take  up bramhacharya.... there was scarcity of men and each men had to marry 2-3 or more woman to keep them safe and give them shelter....

     Kapila Dev Maharaj taught his mother about self realization, when her husband Kardama Muni left her for jungles to practise  tapasya.

    Now a days woman are more qualified and walk in hand to hand with men. 

    There used to be Sati sahagamana. woman used to die with the husband jumping into the pyre.

    Now a days woman don't do that, some cruel things of olden days are  stopped now ....but this led to re- marriage. where is chastity now??

    Now a days woman and men are accepting Live -in-relationships before marrying. Even unmarried woman are having many relationships before marriage. No one is chaste.

    adulterous affairs after marriage is seen in society now a days.  People have become a slaves to their senses.  I guess no one is fully chaste all have mentally corrupted atleast once in life.  watching Movie stars and other woman and men .. mentally all are corrupted.

    There was a time when....Jamadagni muni odered his son Parashuram to behead his mother Renuka just becoz she did mental corruption thinking about some gandharva while fetching water.

    Mental corruption was a sin in those times. Now it is no longer a sin in Kaliyuga  as we are constantly exposed to so much content even in commercials , even if don't want to watch also we are somehow exposed to it.

    There is advancement of Science, and woman got empowered and all improvement in living conditions but in this chastity we have lost it, as compared to olden days.

    Draupadi was married to 5 men but still remained pativrata( she got a boon from Lord Shiva that she turns every morning into a kanya ( unmarrried girl) She is one of the Panchakanyas whose name if taken early in the morning removes all sins.

    The panchakanyas were those ladies who crossed the boundaries of that time norms.

    1. Ahalya 2. Kunti/Sita 3. Draupadi.4. Tara( Vali's wife) / Tara wife of Brihaspati. 5. Mandodari.

    though these ladies has a bad mark of marrying more than one man. They are considered sin free and Purest and chaste of all woman.( except Sita mata) but she is also sometimes considered among the Panchakanyas.

    Where is Sati  Anasuya who when confronted by the Tridev ( Bramha Vishnu and Maheshwara) who came to her in disguise to check her chastity. She made the three God's into babies and did what they requested her to do.( ie, serve them food naked).

    Where is mata Sumati these days? Sumati was a chaste wife and her husband was suffering from leprosy and her husband put forth a strange request that she should take him in a basket to the prostitute for he felt lust for that prostitute and she does that also. While carrying her husband in the dark her husband's leg brushed across the shoulder of Sage Mandavya and he cursed her husband to die at the dawn of sun next day. But she with her power of chastity stopped the sun to rise itself. Then upon demigod's request mata Anasuya went to Sumati to make her lift the injunction and she even revived and cured Sumati's husband of the sin.

    Where is  Mata Tulasi Maharani who cursed Lord Vishnu Himself to become a Shaligram Shila who broke her chastity to defeat her husband Shankhchuda in a war to slay the demon. 

    Those were Purest chaste woman who has so much power of their chastity that they could curse Lord Himself.

    Pure love is lacking .. all have gone after sense gratification only running after the body and senses. But thanks to Kali we are not accountable for mental corruption otherwise none of us is chaste.

    Woman run a family beget children and raise them.. and carry forward the surname. They are must to be chaste. When married. they change their Surname and take up the surname of the husband's family. It is important for them to remain chaste. 

    There are exception to this in past also. Like Satyavati delivered Ved Vyas muni mating with Parashara muni before marriage ....and later married to  Maharaj Shantanu. But then Maharaj Shantanu was also married to Ganga and then later to Satyavati.

    Later upon orders of SatyaVati.... Veda Vyas muni transfered his semen to impregnate Ambalika and Ambika ( through Niyoga ) process.

    There was a woman named (demigod) Tara who was wife of Brihaspati who had illegal relationship with Moon God. she stayed with him and begot a son with moon God named Budha (planet) and later on Brihaspati realized his mistake that he neglected his duty as a husband and becoz of it she became like this.... and apologized and brought her back.

    some exceptions are there in those days also but then even Ahalya who is considered the most beautiful creation of Bramha when neglected by her husband Gautama Muni committed adultery with Indra when he lured her taking the form of Gautama ... she could see the difference but wanted to enjoy it. And she suffered for the mistake by becoming a stone and when Lord Rama's toe touched the stone her sin was removed.

    One cannot compare anything to olden times especially in this chastity aspect. No one is chaste. accept it. 

    Mental corruption is happening in both male and females. Physically you can stop  if u follow regulative principles strictly.

    all start with Meat eating.. Stop it. then taking intoxicants.. intellect is damaged by these two and the person will go down further  does, illicit sex.... crime and gambling and what not.

    That is why woman and man both should follow regulative principles strictly and reduce the cravings of senses. 

    ==>>There is nothing like woman and man all are souls and all souls have to follow regulative principles Strictly. This is must.

    Jai Sri Krishna Jai Srila Prabhupada ji ki. Jai to all  Vaishnavas.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhiuji,


    You have asked a very relevant question.

    The thing is - as per varnashram, there is brahmachari option for men. In ancient times, many men would opt to become brahmacharis. Which meant that the man-woman ratio would become skewed for grishtashram (marraige). It was also a vedic injuction that all women shouid be sheletered - first by father, then by husband, then by son. So every woman had to marry. Therefore, to facilitate this, and in view of the skewed ratio of men and women, men were allowed to marry more than once, whereas women were allowed to marry only once, under any circumstances. There was no concept of divorce, or widow remarraige as per vedic injunctions. 

    That is why chastity is considered a virtue for women alone. 

    It is also mentioned in vedic injunctions that the pious karma a man accumulates by following all the 4 ashrams of varnashram, doing his duty properly, that same pious karma a woman accumulates simply by being a chaste wife to her husband all her life. This is regardless of whether the husband is a pious man, or nice to her, or not.

    I hope I have been able to explain. If there are any doubts, please ask.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD 

    • Hare Krishna Mata ji


      Mata ji ye Osborn Tyler kis tarah ka reply bhej raha hai questions par I hope you will please do something about.🙏


      Your Servant

      Prince Kumar

    • Thanks Mata Ji for such an apt reply.

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