One of our devotee Mata ji just send the message that the devotees of Chandigarh ISKCON Temple are charging (Rs. 10/- Per head) for applying Tilak on forehead. 

Which is very bad, I don't think so it should be happened. Tilak is free Sewa which every devotee has to do without any charges.

Please discuss on this matter and check what is wrong.

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  • Beautifying the fellowship deserves remuneration service deserves rewords, yes? So what is the issue? I wish we did that hear!
  • E-Counselor

    hare krishna,


    wow, What an opportunity to serve the temple by paying lakshmi for appling tilak. Iskcon temples always uses lakshmi for propagating krishna consciousness, what is the wrong in charging. I am sure if any devotee would have said, they didnt carry lakshmi, devotees will gladly apply tilak without any questions asked. There are numerous examples of such kind donation even during book distribution. As bee always looks for honey so does devotees... Please forgive me for any offense caused or inconvenience in my reply...

    If, I am part of management managing the temple my approach for this message will be different ...



    ( I am no way connected to the said temple)

    • Nowadays people usually dont know that whatever person charge for something holy, stays without any blessings from holy ones. And without any blessings, what destination in next life someone can expect.

      Charging or asking for voluntary donation are on two opposite sides.

      On another side, those who ask for voluntary donation, without asking specific amount number on behalf of God or holy things are not offensive, staying in the light squares of dharma.

    • No prabhu ji, its not good at all.....

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Charging for applying tilak in any of our temples - never heard of it. The amazing part is - people are paying?


    Anyways, I think you shoudl verify for yourself and report to that temple's management if you find that the allegation is correct.




    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • I doubt. Please verify her claims by going to Temple yourself and check with this claim. Only a crazy fellow would charge for it. 

    And if you find it happening, politely report to senior devotees and Temple Incharge/ commander of the Temple. 

    Awaiting your reply.

    Hare Krsna.


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  • This is my one & only player's to become more just & fair with Krishna & Krishna's ashram's? I am blocked by selfish worthiness pledge pray for this for me/my relationship with GOD is dependent upon my ability to properly reciprocate, I would thank you if this would be your compassion upon me Ji Ji all the Bhaktee G's. HariBolah-plz
  • The best solution would be, one can buy tilak from the temple itself and apply it when they have to visit. Lakshmi has to be given the the temple as its the duty of those who are earning to impart a fraction of it for God as its his property only.. Hare Krishna

  • Volunteer

    charging for tilak sounds really bad.

    Just wear the tilak from home when you visit.

  • In Kali yuga Lakshmi become more important then her husband, but reality is that nobody can posses her except Lord.

    Using her for reaching Him will never bring good result, because her beauty will put in illusion even great demigods, what to talk about mortal humans.

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