Chanting while listening BG, SB Videos ?

Hare krishna to all dear devotees, I chant 16 rounds daily attentively(chant and hear), Apart from this I want to chant more other times  like while watching srimad bhagwatam videos, BG etc.I will keep doing 16 rounds attentively(chant and listen) but  I would love to chant when I am hearing SB also but in this case I wud only be able to chant not listen.Is it ok  to do extra rounds not vowed like this ? Will only uttering the names of lord at times listening to SB /BG will not do.? Plz sugest.

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  • Thanks a lot to all dear devotees for giving me your valuable suggestions and guiding me.

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    if there is so much desire to chant then we can chant 24 hours a day along with whatever we do.

    Once Lord Chaitania Mahaprabhu wanted to do His nature's call and put a straw of a grass on His mouth. At that time child saw Him keeping grass on His mouth and asked for what was that. Lord replied that I am afraid to offend the Holy Names chanting Them while responding to nature's call.

    Then child told that Holy Names do not get contaminated in any way. So He should chant even at that time also. What if at that time one dies? Then Lord Gouranga was pleased with this child and gave him a name Guru das. 

    He told that you are my Guru.

    But if we want to hear Srimad Bhagavatam and learn it then better as Devotees here told to hear Bhagavatam only with full attention. And chant rounds other times like going, coming, cooking, walking, working....

    Because Srimad Bhagavatam is the same Holy Name in the form of instructions. Holy Names come to us in the form of Srimad Bhagavatams to instruct us. In this way to be attentive while hearing it also very important.

    Your servant,

    • Hare Krishna Maral Mataji, thanks a lot for ur guidance and sharing shri lord chaitanya past time.I have one question here regarding the teaching of this pasttime, what I cud understand from the story is  that japa can be done while doing anything which needs less attention.As you described the activities like working, walking etc japa can be done but attention even in al these cases will not be 100% as it is when we sit only for japa.So Is it ok to do japa with less attention sometimes. Please forgive me to ask such a foolish question or in any case if it hurts.

      Your Servant,

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        my humble obeisances dear Mataji,

        after completing my main rounds on my Tulasi Beads i keep small counter on my finger and try to chant on my mind whatever i do: on cycle, at college...of course this will be with less quality but even though it is a training to mind so that in the future there is hope that it will always think of Krishna and His Holy Names.

        I never did job in the office but for few months did my internship in the post office. So there i was ordered to make documents on computer. So i used to listen Bhagavad Gita on my phone and do work. In this way i still remember how much in bliss i was. Amazing. 

        Even though doing other things we have to bring mind back to Krishna.

        This is Bhakti Yoga which is easily available to anyone of us.

        Your servant,

        • Hare Krishna Mataji,

          Thanks a lot for clearing my doubts and guiding me.

          Your Servant,

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      Hare Krsna Maral mataji

      With all respects and most humbly I ask, regarding the pastime, was Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu the person who was chanting or some devotee, cuz I heard in a lecture He was some famous devotee, not Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

      Please do not mind my correction.. I humbly beg forgiveness if it hurt.

      your servant

  • Chanting inattentively is one of the 10 offences.

    You can watch SB and BG just like that without chanting. Chanting and watching will not yield any results of either watching SB and BG or chanting properly.

    Stick to your normal chanting rounds properly per day. You can read, watch SB and BG at other times but no chanting.

    Of course there is option of chanting while you travel.

    One job at a time with complete focus is always better, be it material or spiritual.

    Hare Krsna 

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