Chanting rounds pending how to start for next day??

 Hare krsna, dandavat to all the dear devotees....

it is said that we should never ever leave our chanting rounds..but sometime if our duties gets too high and finally we have to leave our rounds(i pray never this will happen to all of u) then from next day how should we start for next day>>like should we finish yesterday rounds b4 or complete our usuall rounds and finish the before ones???

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    Hare Krishna Prabhuji,



    When I started chanting, I was told that what food is to the body, chanting is to the soul. The way we eat food 3 times daily (atleast), to keep our body nourished and healthy, we chant to keep the soul nourished and happy. I was also told one thing - THE DAY YOU DONT EAT AND THE DAY YOU DONT SLEEP IS THE DAY YOU DONT CHANT. The importance of chanting was explained to me by saying that whatever state of happiness or sorrow or stress of distress we may be in, these 2 things we will always do - sleep and eat. It is also possible that in extreme cases, we may give up or curtail one of the activities, but its not possible to give up both the activities the same day. Therefore the word AND is used in the above sentence and not OR.

    If you miss completing your rounds, you should ideally complete the pending rounds before you chant for the day. But if you are going to complete the past backlog and create more backlog today, better to complete atleast 16 rounds in one day. It is very important the one keeps track of and completes the pending backlog.



    Pls dont take offence to anything i have said,

    Your humble servant,


    • Hare krsna thank u matajii for the wonderful n inspiring message.ok i will try to do my best and fsincerely try to chant and finish my rounds.. hare krsna

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