Chanting on Lotus Beads?

Please Accept My Humble Obeisances.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada, Sri Gurudev & Gauranga.

Hare Krishna

I have a set of Lotus beads (54 beads), that I had for years. 

I carry that around with me in my jacket pocket and perform japa (inside the pocket) when I do not have my bead bag with me. Is this correct?

What is the difference in chanting with Lotus beads? 

What is the benefit of Lotus beads also? I just know that they are black lotus seeds, but I do not know if it is correct to chant Maha-Mantra on them.

Please clear my doubts.

Your Confused Servant,

Bhakta David

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  • In my preference no.
    Hare Krishna 

  • Kamal Gatta Mala or Lotus-bead Rosary is For Remove Money Problem. Kamal gatta mala is also known as dried lotus bead mala. Poverty is the worst curse of life. To banish this curse that could be haunting a house for generations one must try this mala. Lakshmi is also called Kamalvaasini - i.e one who sits on a lotus. It is use in Lakshmi Mantra Jap or Money Mantra Jap.
    We are Krishna Devotees, the Supreme Personlaity. Our sole aim is to reach the highest devotional stage, not money stage. As u should be knowing, Tulasi is very dear to Lord. Moreoverm Tulasi beads accelerate devotion in heart towards Lord Vishnu. So, according to my opinion, using Lotus beads for Japa of Mahamantra is not acceptable.
    Moreover, Gomukhi(Bag for chanting) is very holy place to chant. It is advisable not to chant by keeping in pockets. Moreover Prabhu ji, Please respect Tulasi beads as u may be doing Apamana to it, unknowingly.

    Hope u understand me,
    Hare hare

    • Hare Krishna

      I never knew this Prabhuji. Thank you for keeping me from causing these offenses unknowingly.

      What should I do with these beads (as I know that they are not beneficial for devotional advancement)?

      • Dear David Prabhu
        Hare Ram

        I'm glad u liked my answer. Now thinking of Lotus beads, it is very dear to Goddess of Fortune, Ma Lakshmi. It is recommendable that u place it under the lotus feet of any Lakshmi deity. Or else, u can put it under lotus feet of krishna, becoz he loves laxmi too
        Best way out. That way we will also not do sin to Beads.

        Hare hare 

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