Chanting on beads Vs Clicker counter.

Hare Krishna Prabhus,

Dandavats. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to Guru and Gauranga.

On most of the days (ideal days), we get up at 3.30 AM, freshen up and start chanting and leave to work after finishing all 16 rounds.


On some days if there are any programs at temple or other devotees houses or some time late working the previous night, we may end up getting up late next morning, so in such situation, we may be not finishing all 16 rounds prior to leaving for work. In such situation, is it OK to chant on clicker counter at work during any break the remaining rounds. The reason why we may have to use clicker counter Vs beads at work is to follow the guidelines of work place. Or finish the rest remaining rounds on beads only after coming back from work late in the evening. However our preference is to finish atleast 16 rounds the earliest.


Please share your thoughts and guidance. Please keep us in your prayers.


Your servant,

Ram Tulasi Das










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    Hare Krishna Prabhu,


      Ofcourse it is best to chant on the japa mala, as it is Tulasi,besides we have to follow what SrilaPrabhupada taught us,

    He said the guidelines for all the devotees to follow, so we should try and chant as far as possible on our chanting beads.

    Besides also our chanting beads are given to us by our spirtual master when we are initiated, so they have the blessing

    of our spirtual master and empowered by him.


        Now if it is sometimes not possible to chant on the beads because  of time place and circumustances,

    then we can chant on the counter,




  • Volunteer

    We need to be practical and use a click counter if needed. However dont make it a habbit to use the click counter.

    One must use a Tulasi Mala. She will be helping us in following the instructions of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu (deliver us from this suffering called material existence)

    A click counter is just a tool to count. Tulasi is a devotee. Do not underestimate her grace upon us.

    What about using a Tulasi bead on the counter?

    Thats nice. I would still use a proper Tulasi mala with 108 beads that are graduated, meaning they get bigger and bigger from one end of the mala to the other.

    Hare Krishna


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