• no, we need to try to concentrate on the holy name.

      • SB 6.2.14One who chants the holy name of the Lord is immediately freed from the reactions of unlimited sins, even if he chants indirectly [to indicate something else], jokingly, for musical entertainment, or even neglectfully. This is accepted by all the learned scholars of the scriptures.
        SB 6.2.19If a person unaware of the effective potency of a certain medicine takes that medicine or is forced to take it, it will act even without his knowledge because its potency does not depend on the patient’s understanding. Similarly, even though one does not know the value of chanting the holy name of the Lord, if one chants knowingly or unknowingly, the chanting will be very effective.
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    No. It is not ok to read anything while chanting. Would you read when you are having a conversation with an important person - say your boss? Chanting is effectively chatting with the Supreme Lord - it has to be done with attention, not by diversion of any kind.


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