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there is no doubt that we should chant all the time but what if we are in a car or a train or at home but with other members who don't want to hear that? I share a room with my sister and she's not exactly interested so it get's a little hard to chant at all times. so can I chant in my mind? i know devotees say not to and I don't chant my rounds in silence (unless it's necessary to, like a train as I said) but if I want to chant all the time then many times I can only chant in my mind. say I'm running, it would get really hard for me to chant (maybe it's just my stamina) so can I chant in my mind in these situations?

Hare Krishna

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  • I myself do 4 rounds hare krishna maha-mantra. I used to do 16 round years and years ago but stopped for a while. What made me chant again was reading again. 

  • You can listen on audio of MP3 Prabhupada chanting there is slow and fast version. I usually listen when reading in background helps my mood. Headphone jack nobody will know what your listering too right? I used to do like this and do still sometimes, chant hare krishna mantra 3 times before drinking water. Or eating any food. (in my mind). Prabhupada always recommended chant 16 rounds mantra 108x16 because it is based on 24 hours of chanting. Nobody can chant 24 hours a day unless you are haridasa thakura. !

    • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji

      that is a great Idea! thank you so much!

      Hare Krishna

      • no worries, it takes an experienced person who has been through stuff to give actual good advice. Years ago i wasnt chanting or doing any rounds. And devotees on-line were very obtuse with me. So i started to read slowly on my tablet and listented to Prabhupada mp3 japa on mp3 for 30 mins a day (while reading). still these so-called devotees said this is 'not the way' the problem with them is they possibly never had any problems with japa so their compassion or even understanding is very very low. Now because I did which i felt was right i have read the whole bhagavatam, CC, NOD. Jaiva-dharma and now I am doing 4 rounds (which i thought was impossible before). those so-called devotee (i know it sounds harsh), but this is the difference between asking somebody with compassion (actual) vs somebody who is simply addicted to the rules. DO WHAT YOU think is right for gods sake. Be yourself. chill. Take it easy one day you will be doing 16 rounds etc. DO it slowly for Gods sake. There is no rush.

        • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji

          thankyou for such a chill reply😂 I was thinking today only that I am not a good devotee because I slept a little late (I have caught fever) so thankyou for letting me relax

          Hare Krishna

  • Hare Krishna,

    Mindless chanting is to be avoided.

    Body, mind soul should be at one point focus then only it is called chanting. Otherwise it is called multi tasking.

    Mind is chanting, body is jogging, soul is lost neither in jogging thorughly nor in chanting thoroughly.

    can't you spare 2 hours exclusively for chanting ?? 

    To remember lord names thru out the day is not counted as chanting. But it is nice to remember. Chanting means exclusive meeting with Lord. 

    Like you got an appointment with Lord and you are talking to HIM at that time will you do other activities also while talking to Lord? That means Lord is not ur priority.

    To remember Lord at all times is not counted as chanting you can remember 2000 times lord's names not an issue. But if you sit and chant 1 round that is only counted as chanting. If you say " Hey but i did remember whole day more then 1 round, but still it is not counted. It is just out of your love or to make it a practice you are remembering Lord. don't do japa because you are finding free time. Do make time for Lord especially for Lord.

    If you in a car, or train chanting or sharing room with non devotees chanting in upanshu ( low tones) is okay.  Until you have your own privacy meeting with Lord alone time you can do this type of upanshu ( low tones) chanting. 

    Chanting in mind doesn't involve other activities included.  Mind is most toughest thing to be controlled.

    Initially tongue should be kept in activity by chanting Lord's names.

    Secondly the other senses slowly should be kept in Lord's names.

    Thirdly mind which is last and to keep it also in Lord's names means automatically ur working senses and knowledge aquiring senses also become totally into Lord's names.

    What you are doing running japa, car japa, train japa is you are calling it as chanting in mind but actually it is multi tasking:-)

    which is okay but needn't be counted as chanting. like this many rounds etc. rounds means exclusively mind, body and soul present at one place.

    Hare Krishna.

    How to properly chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra - Japa
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    • Hare Krishna Mata ji!

      yes mata ji... I chant my rounds previously and then since I heard that chaitanya mahaprabhu gets relief if he hears hari naam I thought that I should chant more. I have started waking up at 5 am now (really hard at the moment) and I am gradually trying to add to my rounds but I can't sit the whole day chanting in seclusion so for the rest of the time while I am trying to remember the lord's names; can I chant in my mind? my rounds are chanted loudly. the rest of the day, when my rounds are completed, can I chant in my mind?

      Hare Krishna

      • yes, you can chant in mind when your regular rounds are done. whenever and whereever you find time you can chant in mind. while chanting you just keep ur mind, body and soul at one place and chant loudly and clearly to be heard by you and also by all the organisms ( trees, birds, ants , insects). Vaishnavas are selfless and want to do charity of Lord's name as much as possible so the every oraganism which hears Lord's name in kaliyuga get a higher birth or even atleast get mukti. You want all to get back to Godhead that is the attitude of Pure devotee. 

        hare krishna.

        • Hare Krishna Mata ji

          okay mata ji thankyou so much!

  • I've an answer based on real life stories of an avatar of Hanuman. I can share it if you want or we can wait for if anyone answers from Prabhupada's teachings.

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