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Hare krishna to all

I am unable to chant hare krishna because of my health problem by birth my body is full of heat and I am suffering from 2 diseases and advised me to take care. I always dehydrated so that I am unable to chanting, but I am listening to hare krishna Mantra. Can I get the benefit of chanting hare krishna. I am watching hare krishna tv in that one program named katha sagar I am daily watching for one hour but I don't know hindi I tried to remember the names of krishna. Can I get any benefit of krishna katha . Please guide me and put in krishna consciousness.

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  • Hare Krishna mataji,


    I am chanting without chanting bag because of some problems . whenever I gets free time. I am talking very less when I talk 15 minutes throat gets dried up .I will pray radha madhava to help me.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Are you able to talk normally? If yes, then what is the problem with chanting? If there is too much heat in the body or throat gets dried up while chanting, please keep a bottle of water with you and keep on sipping while chanting. There is no issue in that.

    See, your sincerity in trying to hear Krsna Katha, without even understanding the language is laudable and I am sure noticed by the lord. While hearing mahamantra and katha will give you benefit for sure, chanting with your own mouth will give you much more benefits. This is because when we chant, Krsna dances on our tongue in the form of mahamantra. This is purifying, we are using our tongue to chant, our ears to hear and our mind is applied. This is against only hearing with application of mind. 

    Please chant prabhu. It is possible if you can talk.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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