Hare Krishna,


I need guidance about how to be attentive while chanting.


My experience is while chanting i lose my attention unknowingly. And when try to be attentive, get confused whether I should pay attention to the mahamantra 'Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare" or my attention should be on Krishna, I mean the Krishna idol, or otherwise. Please enlighten me with your precious advise on my serious concern.


Hari bol.

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  • hare krishna ... prabhupada was once asked about the proper ways of chanting by one of his disciples and in reply to it prabhupada simply said "ignore the mind,dont care for it...just hear what u chant...hear the complete mahamantra and tthen know for sure that u r chanting perfectly...pronounce each word clearly...

    my advice to u is just pay ur obeisances to prabhupada,tulsi maharani and the deities before u chant and pray to all of them very sincerely so that u can chant properly...this will surely work...its my personal experience...

    and also acaryas tell that whatever we chant,if we chant with the consciousness of its meaning on our mind or being fully aware of the meaning of the mantra then we get double benefit for each mantra we recite...for example the meaning of mahamantra is that we are asking the 108 gopis to engage us in the service of radha every bead if u chant with the meaning of the mahamantra on ur mind thats best...

    last thing keep in mind that noone becomes a pure devotee overnight or attains perfection in that length of keep trying,keep praying,until u achieve the perfectional stage...

  • Haribol, nice question…see, krishna and his holy name is non different . while chanting you just  keep attention  on only  two  senses  which are tongue and ears…means just pronounce holy name loudly  with your tongue  and hear it with full concentration …remaining all senses need to be inactive and just go on repeating this process. Don’t close your eyes fully  because there is chances of fall in  sleep.  may this would be  perfect. Please let me correct if i am wrong.

    Hare krishana


    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

      I agree with you. If we close our eyes, we tend to get sleepy after sometimes. About the process of chanting you mentioned that is terrific and sounds to be reall effective.

      Thank you very much.

      Hori bol.

      Krishna blesses you.



  • Following 2 books are very "enlightening" on "chanting" -

    1) Art of Chanting Hare Krsna by MahaNidhiSwami

    2) Japa Reform Notebook by SatsvaraupGoswami




    Abhay Mahajan




      The mind says "Can't, can't, can't" - it's the nature of the mind to accept and reject and sometimes we find our mind will reject the idea of chanting the Holy names.

      Each day the mind may come up with many excuses and reasons not to chant or to put it off "Don't worry about this chanting, you can do it later...there are more important things right now" - heard your mind preaching like this?

      What we can do is to ignore this internal dialogue and remember the importance of making Japa the number one priority and to act on this knowledge.

      • I am in total agreement with you, Prabhuji.


        Mind gives hundred reasons to skip the Mahamantra. But, yes, as you said, we need to ignore this internal dialogue and do the japa on a regular basis.


        I have one more concern, as we do a daily morning and evening puja at home. For some reason, e.g. get late in office and reach home by 10 - 10.30 pm and due to tiredness, skip doing the evening puja. How does that effect to our spiritual life? Do we create a curse for ourselves for failing to do the daily activity ? What could be a solution for people like us who are struggling between spiritual and material life? Any input in this regard would be really a great help for me.


        Hori bol.


        Krishna blessess you all.

  • Hare Krishna Prabhujis and Mataji,


    I am obliged to all of you for providing me your valuable guidence and advise. I am trying to work upon your suggestions and its helping me and I am confident that with more times spent on chanting, it will bring further perfection.


    Krishna blesses you all !!!


    Hari bol.

    • HK, Jai shree radhe, remember one thing, only those gets pearls and jewels who dive deep in the ocean, deep dive in holy name if you want to really get nectar, your all answers of life are there . jai shree radhe

  • Please try to  hearListen  properly and clearly each and every word while you chant.
  • Hare Krshna


    The eight rules given on the following page has helped and hope it will help you as well



    Trying to serve.

    Hare Krshna .. Hari Bol!!


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