Will it be ok to chant Shriram jay ram jay jay ram instead of Hare Krishna mantra. Does it make any difference? As a Shriram devotee I m more inclined toward him. Although I know Krishna and ram are the same but do different mantra of supreme personality of god head make any difference?

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  • If you are inclined to the holy name "Ram," then by all means, chant it with devotion. There have been many devotees who have become purified by worshipping the supreme Lord in His form of Rama, have there not?

    But the maha mantra contains the name Rama, so why not chant the maha mantra as well?
    • Dear jake jab rose,
      I will definitely chant Hare Krishna mantra as I don't consider any difference in any mantra of supereme personality of god head and also in Vedas it clearly mentioned that comparing any form of supereme lord is considered to be the greatest sin. I love Krishna and I love Ram. It is just that I was chanting ram mantra for a long time so my tongue automatically moves for this mantra. By the course of time I had discovered one method to chant in which my tongue only moves and my lips don't move when I chant. A person next to me can't guess out what I m doing. I do find great pleasure in chanting but more than chanting I find more joy in reading the Leelas of supereme personality of god head. Reading and listening about lord is the ultimate joy peace and happiness one can ever have.

      Hare Krishna
  • Hi friend the difference is that all mantras are included in Hare Krishna mahamantra. this means when you chant HKM you are not only chanting SHRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM but all other mantras relating other demigods too. Any ways since you prefer Lord RAM you can go ahead with that. glorifying names of the Lord and his incarnations will never go waste. the lord will fulfill all your desires. Ram naam is so powerful that Valmiki gained perfection by chanting mara instead of Ram!!

  • hare krsna is the mahamantra ,the latter is the mantra .although we can chant other mantras still we cant replace it with the mahamantra. the kali santaran upanishad says that this mahamantra consiting of 32 syllables ie, hare krsna .... is the yuga dharma of this age. this is also what chaitanya mahaprabhu advocated. even there were many associates of mahaprabhu who were rama bhaktas like murari gupta and anupam. there were devotees of narasimha and varaha also. all of them followed gaura. in the vedas there are mantras for rama ,narasimha etc.. but still these devotees never replaced the mahamantra for it( they would recite them along with the mahamantra).
    and the mahamantra is fully capable to establish ur relationship with ramachandra.
    also the sylables of mahamantra has certain meaning, our acharyas have explained them in their commentorierupa goswami says we must walk the path chalked by the authorities and not invent any new ways to reach the goal however logical the idea may seem (mahajano yena gatah sa pantha).

    so based on this we must follow . dont REplace the mahamantra but chant the rama mantra in addition to it .i believe u are not falling short of time so u can chant both.
  • If you think there is no difference, then  chant both.

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