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Hare Krishna,

             Whenever I  search for evidence from scriptures to prove that lord chaitanya is avatar of lord krishna.I have never found the verse number,chater number for the verses cited.Could anyone please Help me in findig the Verse numbers.

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        • CC Madhya 11.101: The King said, "According to evidence given in the revealed scriptures, it is concluded that Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu is Lord Kṛṣṇa Himself. Why, then, are learned scholars sometimes indifferent to Him?"

          CC Madhya 11.102: The Bhaṭṭācārya replied, "A person who has received but a small fraction of mercy from Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu can understand that He is Lord Kṛṣṇa. No one else can.

          CC Madhya 11.103: "If the mercy of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu is not bestowed upon a person — regardless of how learned a scholar that person may be and regardless of his seeing or listening — he cannot accept Lord Caitanya as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

          CC Madhya 11.104: "[Lord Brahmā said:] 'My Lord, if one is favored by even a slight trace of the mercy of Your lotus feet, he can understand the greatness of Your personality. But those who speculate to understand the Supreme Personality of Godhead are unable to know You, even though they continue to study the Vedas for many years.'"


          • I already know these things ,

             There are people who believe revealed scriptures if you just say the verse number  just they will believe that lord chaitanya is avatar. If we fail they will think us as fruads.So I dont want any explanations I just want the chapter no ,canto no and the verse number I dont want any other things please reply if anyone know say the verse number else please dont reply.

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  • Non of the Puranas resisted the change during the long period of time, but Bhagavata Purana did.

  • here are some verse numbrs for chaitanya avatar - bhagavatam( 11.5.32),(1.7.13-14),(3.33.4), cc adilila( 1.4 & 4.41).

    the evidence is either in translation or the purport.
    • Hare Krishna,

      I am in requirement of verse number of ananta samhita,garuda purana,padma purana bhavishya purana verses describing chaitanya avatar rather than bagavata purana verses since they describe lord chaitanya more vividly including his mothers name,place of birth,his name.

  • the 18 puranas are written by vyasadev - read isopanishad authored by prabhupada ( introduction page 9) .

    also bhagavatam is written by vyasa by the instruction of his guru narada (read first canto bhagavatam ).bhagavatam is also authentic -this is the opinion of mahaprabhu (srimad bhagavatam pramanam amalam prema pumartho mahan / sri chaitanya mahaprabhor matam idam tatradara na parah).
    if u want more detailed and philosophical proof about this u can study tattva sandarbha by jiva goswami .
  • Hare Krishna,

                      I am in requirement of the canto ,chapter,subchapter,sloka number of following slokas.Please help me.

    ** In the Nrsimha-Purana, it is said:

    satye daitya-kuladhi-nasa-samaye
    tretayam das-kandharam
    paribhavan rameti namakrtih

    gopalan paripalayan vraja-pure
    bharam haran dvapare
    gaurangah priya-kirtanah
    kali-yuge chaitanya-nama prabhuh

    "The Supreme Personality of Godhead who in the Satya-Yuga appeared as a half-man, half-lion to cure a terrible disease that had ravaged the daityas, and who in the Treta-Yuga appeared as a person named Rama [Lord Ramachandra], the person who defeated the ten-headed Demon Ravana, and who in the Dvapara-Yuga removed the earth's burden, and protected the Gopa [cowherd men] people of Vraja-pura, will appear again in the Kali-Yuga. His form will be golden, He will delight in chanting the Lord's holy names, and His name will be Chaitanya."

    ** In the Garuda-Purana, the Supreme Lord says:

    aham purno bhavisyami
    yuga-sandhyau visesatah
    mayapure navadvipe
    bhavisyami sachi sutah

    I will take birth as the son of Sachi [bhavisyami sachi sutah], in Navadvip-Mayapur [mayapure navadvipe]. I will come in my complete spiritual form in the first part of Kali-Yuga.

    ** In the Padma-Purana, it is said:

    yatrayogesvarah saksad
    yogi-cintyo janardanah
    chaitanya vapur aste vai

    The Supreme Personality, Janardana, who is the object of the yogis' meditation [yogi-chintyo- janardanah], who saves the devotees from various sufferings, and who is the master of all yogic practices [yogesvarah], who is always full of divine transcendental ecstasy and bliss [sandra-ananda-atmakah], will advent in His own divine form of Sri Chaitanya [Chaitanya-vapah]. 

    kaleh prathama-sandhyayam
    gaurangotham mahi-tale
    bhagirathi-tate ramye
    bhavisyami sachi-sutah

    I shall appear on this earth [mahi-tale] in the first part of Kali-Yuga [kaleh prathama sandhyayam] in a beautiful place on the bank of the Bhagirathi [bhagirathi-tate ramye]. I shall have a golden form [gaurangah], and I shall take birth as the son of Sachi [bhavisyami sachi-sutah].

    ** In the Vayu-Purana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead says:

    paurnamasyam phalgunasya
    bhavisye gaura-rupena
    sachi-garbhe purandarat
    -> svarnadi-tiram asthaya
    navadvipe janasraye
    tatra dvija-kulam prapto
    bhavisyami janalaye 
    lokasyanugrahaya ca
    sannyas-rupam asthaya
    -> tena lokasya nistaras
    tat kurudhvam mamajnaya
    dharitri bhavita cabhir
    mayaiva dvija-dehina

    I shall advent in the month of Phalguna, when the star Phalguni is conjoined with the full moon. I shall incarnate in a golden complexion in the womb of Sachi and Purandara Misra. I will be born in the city of Navadvipa,on the Ganges's shore, in a Brahmana's family. I shall take the renounced order of life [sannyasa] and show kindness to the people in general and engage them in Bhakti. I will be known as Sri Krishna Chaitanya. All of you should follow My order and deliver the people of the world. I shall appear as a Brahmana. I shall make this earth fearless.

    • These "Puranas" are all in old bengali. They are not in Sanskrit. Bengali as a language is not more than 600 years old. These are all made up by poets and troubadors of old bengal.

      • Very likely prabhu Wizeman, despite being presented in Sanskrit.

        Anyway, Vaishnavas should understand the truth, that in Kali Yuga many scriptures are deviated and presented as authentic Vedic scriptures.

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