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Hare Krishna,

             Whenever I  search for evidence from scriptures to prove that lord chaitanya is avatar of lord krishna.I have never found the verse number,chater number for the verses cited.Could anyone please Help me in findig the Verse numbers.

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  • -- A great evidence from a famous non-gaudiya pure devotee who lived in 15th century and about verses quoted by disciples of Sri Chaitanya about his identity as Krsna --

    This answer may or may not satisty you.

    You can't find verse number for most of the verses today, because that texts have been changed. But, the disciples of Sri Chaitanya took that verses from original source, i.e. manuscripts. Because, they all were saintly or pure devotees of highest order, one should not doubt them even for a second.

    explanation by

    For acaryas to quote from fictitious scriptures when living in an environment of highly learned panditas, seems both incredulous and highly improbable. Therefore we may surmise from this that many of these unknown books were lost in time, including editions of puranas which are different to those we are familiar with today. There are many instances where Acarya Madhva quotes from sources that are unheard of.

    For example, Upagita, Kamatha Sruti, Karmaviveka, Kalapa Sruti, Tantra-prakasika, Kapileya Samhita, Karanaviveka, Kausika Sruti, Gatisara, Adhara, AruniSruti, Upanaradiya, Ubhayanirukta, Indraduymna Sruti, Upasana Laksana, Jivatattva, Gunaparama, Gitasara, Gitakalpa, Guruviveka, Gautamakhila, Jyotis Samhita, Tattvasara, Tattvodyoga, Tantra Bhagavata, Tantra Mala, Triyoga, Nibandha, Prana Samhita, Muktitattva, Yadavadhyatama, Linganirnaya, Mahodadhi, Vicara, Viparita Sruti, Visvambhara Sruti, Vimala Samhita, Vaibhavya, Vaisesya, Visva Tantra, Lokatattva, Vayuprokta, Vallabhya, Boddhavya, Pravrtta Samhita, Pavamaniya Vijaya, Pautrayana Sruti, Purusottama Tantra, Vimarda Sruti, Sumata, Sadgunya, Pippalada Sruti, Kathaka Sruti, Paingini Sruti, and Sauparna Sruti to name but a few. It may be argued that in the time of Madhva the sources of his scriptural references were never disputed by his opponents.

    OBJECTION: Many of your scriptural quotes are not to be found in the said books.

    REFUTATION: Sri Madhvacarya also quotes scriptural verses that cannot be found. Two instances of this are found in his Visnu Tattva Vinirnaya, wherein he quotes the following from Skanda Purana —

    ajnanam jnanado visnuh
    jnaninam moksadas ca sah
    anandadas ca muktanam
    sa aiveko janardanah

    "The Supreme Lord Janardana gives knowledge to the ignorant, liberation to the enlightened and bliss to the liberated."

    And from the Padma Purana —

    nrpadya satavrtyanta
    muktiga uttarottaram
    gunaih sarvaih sataguna
    modanta iti hi srutih

    "From Manusyottama upto Brahma, all enjoy the bliss multiplied by hundred in an ascending order, thus the sruti declares."

    Neither of these slokas are to be found in the said books! The same peculiarity is found in other works of the acarya such as his Gita Bhasya, Mahabaharata Tatparya and Bhagavata Tatparya. Should we then assume that Sri Madhva has quoted fictitious verses? No, we believe him because of his saintly or pure nature.

    Great evidence

    Famous saint Meerabai accepted Sri Chaitanya as Krishna himsef:

    Ab To Hari Nam Dhun Lo Lagi 
    Language: Braja Bhasa

    (in praise of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu)

    (1) ab to hari nam dhun lo lagi, sadho!
    saba jaga bolata makhan chora,
    nam dharo vairagi!

    (2) kaha chadi vahu mohan murali?
    kaha chadi saba gopi?
    mora mundayi gora kati bandhi,
    mane na mani gopi!

    (3) mata yasomati makhan choran
    bandhi jaki b aha,
    syama kisor bhaye nava gora,
    caitanya jako nam!

    (4) pitambar ko bhava dikhavai,
    kati kaupina base,
    gaur krsna ki dasi mira,
    jasa na krsna bane na bane!

    ab to hari nam dhun lo lagi!


    1) O pious souls! Now, my consciousness is absorbed into the Divine vibration of the Names of my Hari! I surrender myself to His Holy Name! The entire world addresses Him as the 'Butter Thief'. But now, He has earned another popular Name for Himself, as 'Vairaagi'- the dispassionate wandering monk! (Sanyasi)

    2) O my dearest Mohan ( Enchanter, Krishna)! Why have You discarded Your intimate companion, (Priya-Sakhi)- the Divine Flute? And why have You renounced all Your eternal Sweethearts, Gopis? You appear now with shaven head and ochre cloth at Your waist! But this clever Gopi uncovers Your disguise and doesn't care to conceal it!

    3) Now it seems like Mother Yasoda has tied up the both arms of Butter Thief! Alas, no more mischievous tricks! My Dark Beloved has now reappeared as the newly fresh Golden Lord Whose blessed Name is 'Caitanya'!

    4) Though clad Himself in skimpy rags, His Pitambara (Yellow Divine Attire) as well as His inner most Divine Love Sentiments are revealed to me. Now Mirabai is the maid-servant of the Golden Krishna Caitanya, whether the Glory of My Krishna is recognized by all or not!

  • Ji Bhaktah Dean prahbu keyjiah
  • The #1 Devotee is the vDownSide Scenario in this argument so I'll pass.
  • One should not need to change religion or path to believe in God.  Actually, one do not need to belong to any at all for receiving the mercy from the divine dancer with golden complexion.

    There is many people who read and study scriptures everyday for years, strictly following all religious principles and rituals, but that alone doesn't make anyone devotee. 

    Without mercy and association of those with waked deep love for Lord, neither acarya  nor demigod can progress in bhakti, what to talk about others.

    • I dont want any explanations I just want the list of indexes of each verse.  If someone know those numbers please help else dont reply.

      • Its obvious from the beginning what is your question, but such  explanations are always service  for many  who will find it useful.

        • Ok thank you, but i am in need of convincing a vaishnava friend of other sambradaya about lord chaitanya.Hence I am in need of the answer with out this answer he cant cross check puranas and he would be convinced only if he cross cheks puranas and these verses.

  • I am exactly in need of all the verse numbers of all these verses, without that is impossible to convince people belonging to other vaishnava sampradayas that lord chaitanya is incarnation of lord krishna.

    • Lord uncovers Himself in a form according to ones mood, therefore Lord accepts everyones mood.

      Indeed, with the desire of waking Love for Him in this Age of quarrel, Lord decided to spread the singing His holy names everywhere. 

      With that purpose Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu appeared , as well as His associates and followers.

      Anyway, Lord incarnations are innumerable, therefore it would be impossible for all to be written.

      • I am not asking for what is not written I am just asking the index of verses which is written in puraanas 

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