celibacy in marriage

It is said one who engages in sex only for procreation within marriage for begetting KC children is also following celibacy. I wonder if it is actually possible to be celibate in marriage since opposite sex is always around. Do married devotees have any realizations in this regard?

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    The great acharyas have written these words, not without meaning. It is possible to be celibate in marriage. It may be difficult, but definitely not impossible. If one is not able to control, then one realises how fallen one is. At that stage, one can begin to improve on one's sadhana to be able to achieve this ideal.

    Of course, the couple have to cooperate with one another and help one another in this process. It can begin with small steps and one can finally achieve the ideal.

    Only when one is sincere in following the principles will the children be born devotees.


    Your servant,


    • Volunteer

      Rashmi Mataji, thanks for correcting me. 

      It is sad that people are focusing on things that in and of by itself will not lead to liberation, much less, Love of Godhead.

      We need to focus on Sankirtana, Nagar Sankirtan, Chanting on the Japa beads with feeling and emotions by begging Him to engage us in His service. Not commit the 10 offences. Naamaparad

      Anurag Prabhu, I suggest you focus on these first. What good is celibacy if their is no time for Kirtan or if one is performing inattentive Japa.

      Couple of days ago, their was a 24 hour Kirtan on the Ekadasi and in the Purushottama Masa.. and a week end !!!!!

      Granted it was 1.5 hours away. I offered to and fro transportation and no Iskcon Sacramento devotees were interested. I still managed to take one mayavadi friend who lasted 30 minutes and 2 devotees, one in Indian body and one white body, from the Sacramento Hindu temple that stayed the whole 24 hours and loved it.

      Anurag Prabhu, in Krishna consciousness we have to weigh what produces the most results that help us go back to Krishna. That of course is Chanting of Holy Names of Krishna. If you think celibacy will help you do more of chanting, then go for it. If it is a struggle and it interferes with your chanting, dont do it. Focus on Chanting. Celibacy will come natural to you as you get purified. I wish you luck in your endeavor. Forgive me if I offended you in any way.

    • Hare Krishna Rashmi Mataji....pamho...your responses are just spot on....I love and learn a lot from reading your responses.....

  • Volunteer

    If you are going to be celibate, why not take Sanyas?

    Why just serve your wife and two children, who perhaps were your enemies in previous life and took birth just to disturb your sadhana and keep you from going back to Godhead?

    Prabhupada said, "We are not saying NO Sex. No Illicit sex"

    So overdoing in the matter is not so important. If you want to overdo on something, let it be Hari Kirtana, Japa, Harinam and Vaishnava Seva / serving other Vaishnavas.

     You also have to keep your wife's needs in mind also. On a lighter note, what if she has a high libido? She may end up running away with the milk man and now you will have more problems than you started out with.... so, no need to stop having sex.

    Ceaselessly keep pumping those Krishna conscious children :) 

  • - it is next to impossible

    - but after certain age carving goes down 

    - we should not try to be perfect bcoz krishna is perfect no one can control x impulses except advanced devotees, but sincere try is appreciated 

    - many things depends on past life karma and desires...thats why some people don't marry and join temple ....some can't ... 

    - but there is no loss if one is in process ... its gradual will take time or few births

    - it is different for every individual can't categorised

    hope it helps!!!

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