Caturmasa Vratas

Hare Krishna,

PAMHO ! Does anyone observing Shaka Vrata (commenced from Ashaadh Ekadashi) ? If yes, Kindly help me with what to be avoided in this vrata ? for last 7 days I'm taking milk, curd, rice and wheat  roti, moong and toor daal. I'm avoiding mustard, turmeric, chilli, any kind of fruits and vegetables and all dry fruits. Is this correct ? Please provide me details if any thing else could also be taken like idli or dosa ?

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  • Hare Krsna,

    Does green leafy veggies include beans?



    • E-Counselor

      No. Green leafy vegetables mean spinach, methi leaves. It does not even mean cabbage.


      Your servant,


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