Career goals and Bhakti

I am a 12th passed and there is career goals and Bhakti responsibility in front of me and I also want to learn some skills too. But there is two problems-

Like Now, I want to learn animation & start a story channel and I have learnt to some extent but I have stopped now . Because whenever I go to learn some skills, in this case Animation, "I get attached to it" - this is 1st problem

And 2nd Problem is that my attitude, whatever I do either bhakti or skill learning or in career I want to give my best & do something extraordinary. Now in Animation I want to create amazing animation story videos(not connected directly to krishna like little krishna picture but my own imaginative or real stories) and the fruit of this which is money, I mostly give it and use it in krishna's service. That's my goal in this case.

But as I told in 1st problem and that is whenever I go to learn some skill I get attached to that skill and things related to that, and thing which hits me the most is that I am in Bhakti! so it is my responsibility to be attached to Krishna, my master, and when I do shravan-kirtan that put back my attachment to krishna but when I go to do my materialistic duty, I get attach to that.

So I feel it like a hypocrisy.

I feel like I am losing my commitment that I will go back home back to godhead in this lifetime and for that I have to do something extraordinary & that's why I am also ready to go to any extent but due to material family I am not able to do even best of my ability which hurts me the most "how krishna will feel that I had commited but now my activities are not to that good which make krishna to @ least give some of his mercy & I will not come back to him after this life". I have to chant by hiding myself, I also have no ISKCON centre in my area, it is very far, also urges which keep coming, Spiritual responsibilities, material responsibilities, etc. etc. Ah......What should I do?????? My mind is totally blown up.

If anyone can help please I will be thankful to you🙏🙏


Your Servant

Prince Kumar

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  • As has already been said, we do not have to give up the world. Do your work without forgetting about Krishna. When my son was asked to write an essay about how he sees his future, he liked the ideas of the author's and it helped him understand what he really wants. He, like you, thought about how the desire to succeed converges with his inner feelings and faith. Be honest with yourself and move forward towards your goals.

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    This happens in initial stages, when our understanding of scriptrues is not that good and we have not learnt the art of applying the instructions in our daily life. To make it simpler for you, I am quoting the exact verse from Bhagavad Gita (8.7), where Krsna tells Arjuna 

    tasmat sarvesu kalesu
    mam anusmara yudhya ca
    mayy arpita-mano-buddhir
    mam evaisyasy asamsayah
    Therefore, Arjuna, you should always think of Me in the form of Krsna and at the same time carry out your prescribed duty of fighting. With your activities dedicated to Me and your mind and intelligence fixed on Me, you will attain Me without doubt.
    So here, Krsna is telling Arjuna to fight the war, keeping Krsna in mind. We have to do the same thing - continue with your life, keeping KRsna in the centre. That doesnt mean leave everything, now only sit and chant. Its not possible for everyone. For those who can do so, well and good. Most of us are not satisfied with only sitting and chanting. Our mind needs some engagement. 
    Like you mentioned, you have some material goals. So  please proceed towards achieving them. You appear to be talented - haing learnt animation with just a Class 12 degree. Please pursue it and master it. Then use it in the service of Krsna. It is possible that you may end up making some mundane stuff with the animation. So be it. Give a portion of what you earn from that to Krsna. 
    Regarding your family being materialisets, they are future devotees prabhu. How you behave with them will determine how soon they will come to devotion. You have to accept devotion and be happy always. That is the best advertisement. Everyone of us want to be happy. So if we see someone always happy, we become attracted to such a person and try to figure out what makes that person happy. Your secret is Krsna Consciousness. The more surrendered you are, the happier and more content you will be in your life.
    YOur servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
    • Thank u so much Mataji, For your Answer and Clarifying my doubt Hare Krishna

  • Prabhupada taught that we do not have to give up the world - just dovetail it to Krishna.  If you need to work (as many of us do) then offer the fruits of that work to Krishna.  If you enjoy animation, you can do that. There is no reason to take a job we dislike.  You can use your talent to make money, and donate to a local temple, food for life etc.  Also, you could make some Krishna conscious animations.

    I have known devotees in all kinds of jobs: tennis instructor, real estate agent, carpet cleaner, air conditioning contractor… the job does not matter so much, but you would be better off if you at least enjoy the job you are in.

    That is one of the beauties of Krishna consciousness – we can have it all.  If you can balance work and sadhana, go for it.

    • Thank u Prabhu ji for kindly helping me. I will offer ther fruits to krsna🙏🙏

  • Hare Krishna,

    You are confused between attachment and giving 100% involvement in any work done, be it bhakti or material studies.

    If  for suppose you are driving a car and if you are not 100% involved and focussed while driving you can end up in hospital.  But are you attached to the car in that process? NO

    You just use the car to reach the destination and leave the car. If you sit and keep on gazing at the beauty of the car and give over attention to the car than it becames attachment.

    Like one person I know he purchased a Mercedes Benz he was so much attached to the car he wouldn't drive on road at all. keep it always in garage admire it and clean it. Once his son took the car and drove it rashly and hit it got a small scratch dent. Thats all. This man was almost dead. He had an heart attack. See this is called attachment.

    You can love your job you can do work and give 100% of ur attention and do the job perfectly. It is great thing that you can focus on a job perfectly.

    Arjuna was an excellent Archer isn't it? so much sure and perfectionist in that art that he focussed only on the Birds' Eyes and shot it.  Do you think any one without any focus can do any job perfectly? To become an Arjuna you must practice the skill so perfectly by giving your 100% attention and Was Arjuna not a devotee of Krishna? He was. How could Arjuna do two things so perfectly????????? at the same time.

    Bhakti involves mind. Archery also Involves mind. in both jobs Arjuna is considered Shrewd and perfectionist.

    You can do it too. It only matter of training and practicing the skill of focussing one's mind on one subject at a time.  Once you train you mind to do things such a way you can focus on Krishna also perfectly.

    This is called Mind training. 

    No attachment here. You do the work perfectly and leave.. When you take up next work you totally absorbed into that and don't even think about the last work.  

    if you keep on lingering on previous work your mind is pondering on past things you cannot live in present.

    When you do bhakti give 100% involvement  when you do your work give 100% involvement but don't get attached.

    Attachment comes when you long for results of the action done. You do work perfectly leave thats all.

    Hare Krishna.

    • And one more important thing a devotee feels that every work is given by my Lord. I must do it to please LORD. Not o please oneself.

      When doing material jobs also a devotee always does with perfection and feels yes I did my job perfectly surely lord would be pleased with my work.

      Arjuna did his job of Kshetria doing justice in war. That is his prescribed duty and he did it with perfection because his mind was fixed on Krishna.  He followed orders of Krishna and was in complete alignment with Lord's direction.

      Do as per dharma  any work without attachemnt to the results of the activity. Just do it with 100% involvement and leave the rest to Lord. Results come as per Lord's plan. But don't get attached to the money or outcome of the work done. That is how you can be free of karma bandhanah and do duty nishkaama.


      • Thank u so much Mata, your detail explainations really help devotees. Thank u for helping this fallen soul. I was really very much tensed and sometimes quiting bhakti also coming in me about 0.26%. Thank u so much, Hare Krsna🙏🙏

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