cant it seem contradictory?.

here krishna, 

all glories to srila prabhpada.

lord krishna said in bhagvad gita that,one who attain my transcendental abode never come back into this material world. then why those jivas already in the spiritual world fall,although they are serving the lord,and if they become envious, then next question is how cn they become envious in the presence of lord in the spiritual world and nt in the material world. ok for the sake consider jivas fall out of evvy,and as bhagvad gita they again attain spiritual world, then what is the garentee that they will nt become again envious. and if someone says they fall because they belong to marginal potency, and if it is true then it means that they will always bearing a tendency to fall from spiritual to material and vice varsa. then cant the krishnas word feel contradictory that one who attain my transcendental abode never come back into this material world.  

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    Hare Krishna Shashikant pr


    Krishna tells in BG that one who attains my supreme abode will never have to return to this material world. From what we learn from the scriptures and aacharyas is that to go back to Krishna's abode - Goloka Vrindavan is not a easy task. When there is no ting of sense gratification left in us and when our only goal of life is to serve Guru and Krishna, only then can we attain the spiritual world. This life in a human body is given only for us to learn how we need to present our self and behave our self in the spiritual world.

    Krishna is absolute and perfect. What ever he has told and promised has to be true. If we do not develop faith and start questioning then there is no place for us to go. We have spent millions of lifetime like this, and now by inconceivable arrangement of lord, we have come to this path of Bhakthi, then why not trust on Krishna's words and try to see what happens in this life????

  • Hare Krsna shashikant pandurang gurav prabhuji,

    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada!!!

    you have raised a very good point here. good observation...

    As Krishna says in Srimad Bhagwad Geeta those who attains His personal abode ,they never returns back to this material world--this is absolute truth. There are few people who preach that we souls have fallen from Vaikunth world (Spiritual world) but actually this concept shows their poor fund of knowledge. This is impossible. In Spiritual world ,even leaves of Trees do not worn out. So it is impossible that jivas in material world have fallen from there.

    In the Puranas only one example of such fall has been described i.e. fall of two Vishnu-dutas - Jay and Vijay .But that too was due to Krishna's supreme will and was part of Krishna's pastimes. Their downfall cannot be considered bad but was part of Krishna's pastimes. As krishna says in B.G. "Janma Karma ch me divyam".But such falls are not very frequently seen, they are rare but actually cannot be considered as downfall.

    Krishna's words are Supreme and can never be contradictory.

    Please do not consider this concept as true. Listen Krishna-katha from right sources, your all doubts will get clear themselves.

    your servant

    Ashish Sharma

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      Jay and Vijay did not fall down. Actually they were cursed by the 4 kumars for not allowing them to enter Vikunta to meet Lord. Then They were given 2 choice one was to take birth in earth as a devotee of lord for 7 life times and the second was to take birth as enemy of lord for 3 life times. They both thought, 7 lifetimes away from Lord and his service is too much and decided to take the option 2 - to take birth as enemy of Lord for 3 lifetimes.

    • if one is nt galling then why we are here in material world

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    Hare Krishna!! Plz click on this link and hover through the article . Hope it will solve your question-

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