Cant a daughter rescue her father from hell?

Radhe Radhe! So many incidents of female foeticide are very depressing. people dont have a clue as to why one wants a male child. as many of you might be knowing that sanskrit word putra means the one who rescues his father from the hell named "pu". If he doesnt rescue then one hasnt done some "out of the world" job by having a son. My question is

How does a son rescue his father from hell? If he does it by devotional service then cant daughter rescue her father by doing the same?

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    yes, it true Prabhuji. Because pious son does sradha ceremony and gives all other sacrifices to forefathers as a duty of human birth in this way forefathers stay in Pitrloka.

    But if putra - son is not pious he won't do any sacrifices then forefathers also will fall down from Pitrloka to hell. Because of that usually son is wanted in keeping family line.

    But daughter changes her family, and becomes a part of her husband's body and family in this way she also can help in elevating forefathers but now her husbands.

    But in these age most of do not do such like sacrifices. There are 5 debts.

    1. Debts before Demigods,

    2. Debts before forefathers

    ....others forgot.

    But in kali age no body does it, but Lord Gouranga Mahaprabhu told that one who serves to Lord Krishna  automatically  is giving all other debts. 

    Son could do such like sacrifices where daughter could not do. But this Bhakti to Krishna can be done by both of them and have equal power. Because of that no difference. If daughter or son becomes a Devotee then she/he can elevate 21 generations. 7 from this birth. 7 from last birth and 7 from future birth.

    Your servant,

  • ultimately we are souls so how does daughter or son matter soul has the power of elevating another soul  as said by the lord to pralhad maharaj

  • hare krsna praji i  m not realised person but whatever i have heard from my seniors will just repeat it is becoz of the different desires that we accumulate in this birth and the past birth ...bhukti mukti spriha ....also becoz of the anarthas as u rightly mentioned ........but as we see the sanyasis are pure devotees of the lord ....Srila prabhupadad statement is right but it also depends on the attitude of the follower ....also in another context Srila prabhupada said i have the back door key to Goloka so we must have faith in the words of Srila prabhupada just follow sincerly the instructions of your gurudev and you will definately go in this life time BTG this faith and conviction we must have in our GURU ..this is called nistha .... maybe some one can add more to this ....i m sorry if said anything offensive to anyone

  • For one who is chanting Mahamantra there is no distinction between man,woman,sudra,chandala,brahman...Chanter is known as a devotee......period...Just chant and leave everything to KRSNA  He knows best our interests ..even we dont know whats gud for us...he knows everything..Trust him cent percent without an iota of doubt..KRSNA has promised this himself and there is not reason to doubt it...Just Chant and feel love for KRSNA at the feet of Srimati Radha Rani

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    usually karma of daughter and father are deeply connected and mother's with her son.

    In this way if daughter becomes Krishna Conscious she may help too much to her father to become even a Devotee what to speak of hell.

    And vise versa.

    And with mother and son also the same.

    Yoru servant

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