Dear Prabhus and Matajis,
         I have excellent idea for growing and saving COWS.some centers should open farm where they will maintain cows for this the funds should be raised as shares by devotees and in return devotees may get corresponding amount of butter or ghee or any milk products regularly.this will be helpfull because many devotees those are staying in cities can't maintain cow in home as it is small area .please reply to me your comments on it


this is just general  idea can be changed with your all suggestion.

also proper inputs are necessary for starting this project

What will be flexible conditions like in case if production is less then some adjustment can be done distribution of products ,

how one can maintain cows , estimate for expenses .please provide some calculations and ideas


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  • pls guide me how we can start if one is ready with land 3 hours from mumbai city
    open land say 300 sq feet - for cows
    constructed land home say 800 sq feet - for keeping grass etc
    bore well facility is there

    i require 10kg ghee of cow for my family per month please tell me how many cow i need to maintain ?
    how many cows we can maintain in open land 300Sq.ft (20ft*15ft)?
    which breed of cow ?
    location: maharastra , khopoli.

    now how many cows we can maintain in open land
    • Hari Bol. I am one more interested soul in the project you talk about. I have some theoretical knowledge on the subject too. Apart from cow milk, urine is also valuable . If we can arrange to establish right contacts, sale of urine alone will meet most of the running costs. We can also take help from Belgaum farm to start production of cow based products for sale. This model if perfected, will be wonderful solution for cow protection.If even old cows are useful for urine, they will not end up in slaughterhouses. Keep me posted with developments. All the best to the pioneering spirit.Hare Krishna

      My email is :
  • prabhu please go ahead, gather more details like land location , prices, plan ,production , put all in one document.
    i know this will be most successful method.
    • I have communicated with Vrindavan Lila Mataji on her email.
      They are doing really great work in Bengal (As Bengal has legalize the cow's killing. They are saving the cows before they have been sent for ...... :( )
      However i am based in Pune. So unfortunately, may not be able to directly render my services. But this is really a must needed activity to save the cow's killing in Bengal.

      I suggest the devotees (Specially who are in Bengal) to keep in touch with Vrindavan Lila Mataji ( to keep the Project AMAZINGLY successful and show the positive power of ISKCON Devotees and power of mercy of Lord Krishna.

      Any devotee who are in bengal, can also be in touch with me for any kind of help. My contacts are:
      +91 9881471991
      Pune, India.

      Hari Bol.

      Jay Shree Krishna..
  • Hari bol Pr.Ji,

    Really a great idea!! I was searching for similar kind of project. Saving cows is a great work, i can do in my life.

    Please consider me if i can help in any terms to make this project successful.

    My contact details are as below:
    - Indrajeet Kumpavat
    +91 9881471991
    Pune, India.
    • Hare krishna ,

      Please accept my humble obeisance ,

      All Glories To Sri Guru And Gauranga,

      All Glories To Srila Prabhupada.

      Prabhu ji , we are in search of members who will will help us to stop cow slaughter in Tamilnadu , Please visit our website     we have a concrete plan to stop cow slaughter .We are working on implementing this plan .I have taken a wow that i will fast from grains till i implement this plan .Waiting for your mercy and blessings .

      Thanking you ,

      In the service of Krishna And HIS COWS ,

      an insignificant beggar,


  • Dear Pr.
    Your idea is good, we are also thinking about the same. We also know one place where we can get land in cheap price and it is cituated on bank of a river. I persaonaly know this place. Also we have a group of devotees who are interested in community farm. for more details contact Vrindavan Lila Mataji ( She is great devotee she is working on many projects, there family is totaly dedicated to fulfill the Desires of their Guru maharaj
    Hare Krishna
    • hare krishna prabhu , kindly tell us rate of land we also can invest
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