Dear Prabhus and Matajis,
         I have excellent idea for growing and saving COWS.some centers should open farm where they will maintain cows for this the funds should be raised as shares by devotees and in return devotees may get corresponding amount of butter or ghee or any milk products regularly.this will be helpfull because many devotees those are staying in cities can't maintain cow in home as it is small area .please reply to me your comments on it


this is just general  idea can be changed with your all suggestion.

also proper inputs are necessary for starting this project

What will be flexible conditions like in case if production is less then some adjustment can be done distribution of products ,

how one can maintain cows , estimate for expenses .please provide some calculations and ideas


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  • Dear Devotees


    It was very joyful to hear that Nilesh pr. was started the project.

    After a long time but with positive things. Myself plus 3 devotees are ready to start new project near Udgir ( Maharashtra) with 5 acers of land with water own by one of the devotee. we will start this project probebly by March 2013. 

    There is another good news. now we have a very experience devotee with us who has almost 30 acers of land and presently he has 21 cows( Gir). and He have very deep knowleadge and practicle experience of more than 6 to 8 years approxemetly. Recently we went to see the land with him.

    There is another good news. If any devotee is interested to purchase land for cow or farming,it will be available very soon in large amount almost 30 acers

    Also we need devotees who can physicaly help and guide us.

    You can contact me on 8019234169 or



  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Please keep me involved in this project.  I am from South Africa and would love to be involved.  I can send some Laxmi each month.  Hopefully one day I'll be in India and I'll be physically involved too.


    My contact details:

    M. Bhika

    11 Taylor Street



    South Africa


    • Hare krishna ,

      Please accept my humble obeisance ,

      All Glories To Sri Guru And Gauranga,

      All Glories To Srila Prabhupada.

      Prabhu ji , we are in search of members who will will help us to stop cow slaughter in Tamilnadu , Please visit our website     we have a concrete plan to stop cow slaughter .We are working on implementing this plan .I have taken a wow that i will fast from grains till i implement this plan .Waiting for your mercy and blessings .

      Thanking you ,

      In the service of Krishna And HIS COWS ,

      an insignificant beggar,


  • good news, project has started i with my brothers help purchased land arround 8000 Sq.ft.

    4000 Sq. ft. foundation work is going on. borewill is digged and water has made available

    we are searching for good cow breeds which can adopt environment of karjat palce near mumbai.

    please give your ideas.

    - as i think i can offer facility to maintain cow on devotees behalf who will yearly provide laxmi to maintain cow (also provide laxmi to bring cows or cow ), the cow products or cow products laxmi will be deliver to them periodically with this my brother will also earn laxmi to do management & labour handling task.

    please give your comments

    contact me on for details - 9920554183

    • Hari Bol Prabhuji,

      Pls accept my humble pranam.

      You & your brother have done really worthwhile task. I'll call you very soon. I'd like to be part of this wonderful KRISHNA CONSCIOUS PROJECT.


      your servant


    • Volunteer
      Prabhu dont the cows need land to graze on grass?
  • prabhuji what is the contribution you have worked is necessary to be done the add one kamadhenu cowmataji into your vision to supply her gift of milk and thereby add by productsof milk products to all devotees urgent
  • prabhuji what is the contribution you have worked out is necessary to be done to add one kamadhenu cowmataji into your vision to supply her gift of milk and thereby add by products of milk products to all devotees.glory to you prabhuji
  • Hare krishna dear devotees
    i am ghanshyam das from gujrat i have all redy goshala gomata seva trust
    and i having 150 cow of geer breed pure deshi cow and i am all redy suplying all the product and ghee to all iskcon temple
    what r u thinking about goshala is very nice but need great endeavor
    please contact me for any help
  • Hari Bol Nilesh Pr.

    Can i have your contact number? or can you please call me on +91 9881471991.

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