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      Lectures of Sadguru of Isha foundation are very pleasing and somewhat deep. Can we listen to his teachings. He was speaking about Krishna. Does anyone know how authentic he is, because I find his lectures very simple to understand.

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  • It's the choice of the individual. You will feel the same inner Ananda when you experiment on Isha Kriya. Isha Kriya mainly deals with Atman and Atman alone. Sadhguru deals with how to realise the Atman. Whereas, Iskcon do not deals with Atman realisation, But on realising Krishna. 

    We can't complain because What Sadhguru teaches is given in Ashtavakra Gita and Vivekachudamani of Adi Shankaracharya. Sadhguru says to differentiate between what you are and what you are not. Upanishads says about the same thing to practice "I'm not this, I'm not this".. Sadhguru give more preference on chanting of OMkara. 

    Just look for the meaning of Omkara in Mandukya Upanishad. 

    Iskcon do not deal with Upanishads. 

    There are 3 words in Omkara. Aa, uu, Um.. Aa says about the man in wake up state like what we see when we sees the world. U deals with the man in Dream state. For example, when you are sleeping, you can't see what happening outside. um deals with the Person in deep sleep.. But, many don't know what is beyond deep sleep. what is beyond Aum is the real you or the real Atman. For that reason, there is a great silence after every time we chant Om. 

    Hari Om. 

  • Sadguru is a self given name. There is a police case pending on him that he murdered his wife [given by his father in law and daughter]. He claims that his wife attained moksha through Yoga process. Also my devotee friend told me that his statement " Why should you listen to Krishna ? I am here and listen to me". We respect him as a fellow human being [adveshtam sarva bhutanam] but we listen only from properly realized soul coming through parampara [4.34 , 4.1 to 4.3]

  • Hare Krishna

    We should respect all Gurus from all organizations, but only listen to some and not all, because many are deviaters from the vedic teachings. Sadguru is a deviator, I have heard him.  When I heard him, he was insulting Lord Ram indirectly. I don't want to go into the details. Having said this, to listen to any Vedic Guru is far better than to listen to any non-Vedic Guru. The non-Vedic Gurus are completely under the mode of darkest ignorance.


    Kamlesh Patel

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    We should only hear from devotees who are in parampara.They are 4 prampara systems in which the vedic knowledge is descending in disciplic succession.So,if anyone really serious about knowing the truth must hear from the devotees who are in parampara system.

    The 4 Parampara or Sampradaya are

    1.Bramha smpradaya

    2. Sri Sampradaya

    3.Kumara Samradaya

    4 rudra Sampradaya

    ISKCON is following Brahma Sampradaya. 

    They are so many people who speak about krishna,but dont know anything about Krishna.They only speak externally without having any devotional love for krishna.They dont even worship krishna.They only give classes for some earnig of money,name or Fame.It is simply waste of time to hear from any kind of so called Sad-Guru.We have a real sad-guru who changed the life of many people who are simply addicted to sense gratification and made their lives completely transformed,he is Srila Prabhupada.There are people who speaks very nicely but they dont have any proper understanding of krishna and his pasttimes. 

    Please avoid such kind of association if you really want to advance in the path of Bhakthi.

    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

    Hare Krishna.

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