can soul be devided?

here krishna,

all glories to guru and gauraga

our philosophy says that, matter can only grow when there is a soul, for ex the six changes in the body is only observe until soul is there. but when we cut the bodies tissue and put in proper nutritional and other optimum condition it can grow. so cn we say that a small segment of soul has been cut. but is seems contradictory. what can be the right answer?

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    Hare Krishna, prabhuji!! Soul has nothing to do with the changes of body. It is pure consciousness. The body is called kshetra(the field) and the soul is kshetra-jna(knower of the field). Soul makes you conscious of your body. The body is subject to many biological phenomena, one of them being the contraction of muscles after death(Rigor mortis i.e. stiffness of death)In humans, it commences after about three to four hours, reaches maximum stiffness after 12 hours, and gradually dissipates until approximately 48 to 60 hours (three days) after death. The soul has also got a specific ontology and this body is the dress that covers it. The clothes we wear may be given various designs but your body is not responsible for this. In the same way, the body can undergo many changes, but under no condition, the soul is responsible for this.

    • Thank u prabhuji nw i feel satisfactoy ans
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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    There is no any knife which is as subtle as soul. Soul is so tiny that it is impossible to cut. Present scientists can not cut even one atom what to speak of the soul?

    Destruction of body appears when other living entities start to eat our dead body. Entities like worms... but if we protect the dead body from them then the body may be saved for a long time. As like non vegs save fresh meat in the refrigerator. What is a refrigerator? It is a place where not so much living entities can enter. they can not survive in the cold.

    But even there are living entities who can survive in the cold also. In this way even if keep the dead body in the frig it will get spoiled maybe it will take much time.

    When soul leaves the body it can not grow.

    As like  if we fry the mung dahl and plant it it won't grow, because soul has gone. Or we can smash it and sow but it won't grow if the soul has gone.

    Your servant,   

    • hare krisna mataji, as we knw that soul cn nt b cut. and also our body grow til soul is there, as soon soul leaves the body body dont grow. bt if u take small section of that dead body n put in proper codition it shows growth atleast 50 generation, u dont say that put that whole body into chemicls and again gv life no no thats mt posible. bt for sake of arguement of general people how that cells grows even that soul has left that body. hare krishna
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    Since the body belongs to mortal order of flesh and time, it is mutable. The soul is beyond this, it has nothing to do with the changes of the body. Take the example of a vessel containing water. You can break the vessel, not the water. Hare Krishna!!

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